Lawang Sewu "Thousand Doors and Windows Building"


Lawang Sewu is Old Dutch building, which is also popularly known as the building with "Thousand Doors and Windows", was built by the Dutch colonial as its main office. It was also used as a hospital as well as the military base during the Indonesian war of independence. Locals believe the place to be haunted by ghosts and spirits and have left the building deserted.

Lawang Sewu, with architect of Dutch: Prof. Jacob F. Klinkhamer and of B.J Queendag, start to be built up 1903 and opened at 1 July 1907. In 1920, this building start to be weared as head office of Nederlandsch Indische Spoor-Weg Maatschapij ( NIS), a firm or company of first train in Indonesia standing year 1864.

Lawang Sewu located in between Jl Pemuda and Jl Pandanaran facing to the west exactly in the east of Tugumuda monument.

Semarang is one of important place in Java and the place is noted for all the attractive tourist spots here. Lawang Sewu is a part of amazing places in Semarang which cause for many years tourists have been returning to Semarang only to have a glimpse of this amazing place here.

The Lawang Sewu is immensely popular for the famous Thousand Doors and Windows which is the ticket to fame for the place. The place is distinguished simply for the numerous doors and windows found here and the building was named as the Gedung Lawang Sewu and tourists love coming here simply because of the distinctive Dutch Symbolism and the immensely long corridors leading to the offices on the other side.

Lawang Sewu is famous for the doors and windows. The place is famous for the Thousand Doors and Windows and the fascinating stained glass windows representing the Dutch Symbolism of the places like The Hague and Rotterdam and also the Royal family.

The building has numerous long winding corridors which open out to the offices on one side of the office and the other end of the building on the other hand. It is a famous landmark in the region of Semarang and a pride for Java.

The place was actually built as the main colonial office for the Dutch and was then taken over by the Japanese government. This place was important because it was the main military hub for the Indonesians and was used for giving shelter to the soldiers and army men here.

The place was often considered to be haunted place as many truly and sincerely believed that the place was inhabited by spirits and ghosts and thus many people used to feel scared to visit the place fearing the obvious.

However later the place was converted in to a heritage site and many came to visit the place during their holidays or vacations while coming to visit the Semarang. There are other places also which deserve mention but Lawang Sewu stands out among the rest.

Lawang Sewu is thus a very important place in Semarang and all are welcome to come and visit the fascinating place.

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