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The English Tourism Council (prior to 1999 the English Tourist Board) was the tourist board for England. In 2003 it merged with the British Tourist Authority to form VisitBritain.

For marketing purposes England is now served by an official website called EnjoyEngland. Its stated mission is: "to grow the value of the domestic tourism market by encouraging people to spend more on tourism throughout the English regions, throughout the year.

Here you will find a wealth of information about Greenland as a tourist destination and as a country that is ideal for investment. Greenland Tourism & Business Council is 100%-owned by the Government of Greenland and works to generate growth by developing knowledge, entrepreneurship and marketing of the country’s adventures and resources.

Read about the attractions and adventures that Greenland can offer you as a tourist, get inspiration and practical information which you can use when planning your trip to the country, such as maps of Greenland and suggestions for overnight accommodation.

Read about Greenland’s fascinating culture and spectacular nature, and see the various travel offers on cruise holidays and other exciting package tours. You even have the opportunity to make your own personal travel book on the website.

If you are looking for information about business opportunities in Greenland, you will find this information under the tab ‘Business & Investment’.

If you are interested in learning about what is available with regard to holding meetings and organising incentive trips to Greenland, then you should visit our MICE section.

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Phuket Island Thailand
Beaches, Islands and places beyond Phuket

With 540 square kilometres of land area and several sandy beaches, Phuket is a diverse and fascinating island to explore. A rich culture, a beautiful coastline, spectacular natural sights, loads of outdoor sports and activities, shopping, nightlife and dining are just a few of its attractions.

Just offshore are dozens of smaller islands, easily reached within a few hours by boat. The natural wonders of the mainland, found just beyond Phuket over the bridge to the north of the island, are also close at hand.

Small is beautiful - The allure of the islands near Phuket: Phi Phi Islands - Similan Islands - Surin Islands - Phang Nga Bay - Coral Island - Racha Island - Koh Yao - Naka Yai & Noi - Rang Yai Island - Maphrao - Koh Khai Nok - Maiton Island - Koh Lone - Koh Bon - Koh Kaew - Koh Lanta.

Bays and jungles - The quieter areas surrounding Phuket: Phang Nga - Khao Lak - Khao Sok - Krabi - Koh Lanta - Trang.

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Lanikai beach



One of Hawaii's best spots for swimming, gold-sand Lanikai's crystal-clear lagoon is like a giant saltwater swimming pool that you're lucky enough to be able to share with the resident tropical fish and sea turtles. Too gorgeous to be real, this is one of Hawaii's postcard-perfect beaches: It's a mile long and thin in places, but the sand's as soft as talcum powder. Prevailing onshore trade winds make this an excellent place for sailing and windsurfing. Kayakers often paddle out to the two tiny offshore Mokulua islands, which are seabird sanctuaries. Because Lanikai is in a residential neighborhood, it's less crowded than other Oahu beaches; it's the perfect place to enjoy a quiet day. Sun worshipers should arrive in the morning, though, as the Koolau Range blocks the afternoon rays.

There are no facilities here, just off-street parking. From Waikiki, take the H-1 to the Pali Highway (Hwy. 61) through the Nuuanu Pali Tunnel to Kailua, where the Pali Highway becomes Kailua Road as it proceeds through town. At Kalaheo Avenue, turn right and follow the coast about 2 miles to Kailua Beach Park; just past it, turn left at the T intersection and drive uphill on Aalapapa Drive, a one-way street that loops back as Mokulua Drive. Park on Mokulua Drive and walk down any of the eight public-access lanes to the shore. Or, take TheBus no. 56 or 57 (Kailua), then transfer to the shuttle.

OAHU Hawaii



Oahu is not just board surfing, sunset sails, luau's, and high rise Waikiki. No, just head over the Pali Pass from Honolulu to Kailua/Kaneohe. No secret , the white powder sand will amaze you, but the waters are for windsurfers and kitesurfers, The windward side of the Island makes it the paradise all windsurfers and kitesurfers are looking for, and the best part about it, is that it's a big ocean.

Rentals are available in Kailua and the beaches have grassy areas to picnic in to avoid the blast from the sand that can kick up. It is the windy side, remember. Up the beach from Kailua, toward Kaneohe, the sand mellows out to a less blasting feel and the beaches are not that touristy. Lay back and relax.. the little ones, keiki's, if you have children, will enjoy the beach. aloha.

Located at the entrance to Honolulu Harbor, Sand Island was extensively used by the military during WWII for coastal defense. Today, bunkers and lookout towers stand deserted and appear totally out of place among acres of grassy park land. Long white beaches extend around the tip of the island and are never crowded. Park benches and giant trees provide shady areas to watch the sunset or the ships sail in and out of the busy harbor.. TAKE SAND ISLAND ACCESS ROAD FROM NIMITZ HIGHWAY

a special place in the world



in the current world financial crisis is all the way to get the security in order not to lose money investing is a lot done. The most important is choosing the type of investment, stable and not affected by any crisis. one type of commodity investment is gold. of course these metals have a special place in the world of national and international trade.

today many countries which produce gold coins. This is an opportunity to invest in safe, by choosing gold coin now of course a big advantage would be in the can. other than a coin, the market also wanted the gold bullion are traded freely. excellent quality of these bullion to appeal to the high selling metal of this one commodities .

Sydney Harbor



Port Jackson, Sydney Harbor consists of (Port Sydney), is a natural harbor of Sydney, Australia. Famous for its beauty, especially as the location of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge.ngai Parramatta, west of Petersham to Rose Hill, reported to belong to the Wanegal. Eora people lived on the southern harbor, close to where the first European landing party.
Port discovery by Europeans is credited to Lieutenant James Cook in 1770, although he did not enter it. Cook named the port to the memory of Sir George Jackson. Captain Arthur Phillip established the first coloni in Australia at Sydney Cove in Port Jackson in 1778 which eventually became the city where Sydney. In his first news from the colony for a famous newspaper in England "... we were satisfied with the discovery of the world's best port, where thousands of ships that can sail under the most perfect security ..."

Sydney Aquarium




In May 2002, Sydney Aquarium Pty Ltd. announced plans to expand the area akuariumnya to establish a zoo. After the announcement of the Sydney Aquarium is changing its name to the Sydney Attractions Group. Construction began in November 2004 and completed in August 2006. This development will cost AUD $ 45 million. Sydney Wildlife World is now a competitor Taronga Zoo primary.

A zoo, Sydney Wildlife World has an unusual design. The place closed and equipped with air conditioning. Visitors can walk the streets along the 1 km in the building area is 7000 square meters. On the right and left along this road (in the glass cage) there were approximately 6000 native Australian animals.

The famous tour of kuala lumpur



Malaysia is one of the countries in southeast asia, the very dynamic of the tourism industry, which worked very well. one of the things remembered about malaysia, the attractions of world famous kuala-lumpur . and if you are on vacation there, you can easily get information about cheap hotels in kuala-lumpur, along with accommodation .

Bintang walk, galeri petronas, lake gardens,national palace, twin towers petronas, kl kraft and
national theatre are the famous tour of kuala-lumpur . where all these places are easily accessible by all the available transportation. as well as the hotels location is very strategic place and easily accessible.

Here also there is information about the next destination is no less attractive after kuala lumpur, the tourist objects in hong-kong, with full mention of the cheap hotels in hong-kong, along with accommodation and also about tourism object can be reached within the service.




Since each Indonesian province maintains its own distinct cultures, shelters, attire and dialects, TMII built a model of each of the houses from the 26 different provinces. TMII attempted not only to reconstruct the homes of the various provinces, but also to create a realistic model of the environment and shelters of the various people of Indonesia.[2] The venues, which are situated around the main lake in a similar fashion to the different islands of the Indonesian archipelago, are thematically divided into six areas in respect to the main islands of Indonesia; Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan (Borneo), Sulawesi, the Lesser Sunda Islands, Maluku and Papua.

There are about ten gardens spread out at TMII, but most are located primarily on the north and northeast side of the main lake:

* Anggrek Garden
* Apotek Hidup Garden
* Cakot Garden
* Kaktus Garden
* Melati Garden
* Bunga Keong Emas Garden
* Akuarium Air Tawar Garden
* Bekisar Garden
* Burung Garden
* Prasasti APEC Garden

Indonesia Miniature Park



Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) or "Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park" (literally translated) is a culture-based recreational area located in East Jakarta, Indonesia. It has an area of about 250 acres. The park is a synopsis of Indonesian culture, with virtually all aspects of daily life in Indonesia's 26 (in 1975) provinces encapsulated in separate pavilions with the collections of architecture, clothing, dances and traditions are all depicted impeccably. Apart from that, there is a lake with a miniature of the archipelago in the middle of it, cable cars, museums, a theater called the Theatre of My Homeland (Theater Tanah Airku) and other recreational facilities which make TMII one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city

Ridder van de Witte Valk



Year 1883, to commemorate the death three years held painting exhibitions in Amsterdam, among them titled Burned Forests, Hunting Buffalo in Java, and the arrest of Prince Diponegoro. The paintings were sent among others by King Willem III and Prince Van Saxons Coburg and Gotha.
Indeed many of the rich and Dutch officials, Belgium, and the German painter who admired abroad during a unique appearance with aristocratic Javanese traditional dress complete with headcloth. Among them are noble Saxons Coburg-Gotha, Queen Victoria's family, and a number of governor-general as van den Bosch, Baud, and Daendels.
There was also granted a token, which then always he pinned on his chest. Among them, star Ridder van de Order der Eikenkoon (REK), Commandeur de gangster der met Frans Joseph Order (CFJ), Kroonorde Ridder van der Pruisen (RKP), Ridder van de Witte Valk (RWV), etc..
While an award from the Indonesian government in 1969 awarded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, posthumous award of the Charter of the Pioneer Art Painting in Indonesia. Another concern is the form, the construction of his tomb in Bogor re done by Ir. Silaban on the order of President Sukarno, a number of paintings used to illustrate the state treasures, such as the end of 1967, PTT series of stamps issued by Raden Saleh reproduction painting a picture of two wild animals fighting.
Thanks to Raden Saleh, Indonesia should be proud to see the nation's children through the great museums such as Rijkmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and exhibited at the prestigious Louvre museum, Paris, France.

elegant plate numbers



One of the famous soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo is proud of her drive serial number CR7. very elegant and classy to get the car plate numbers like that, but it is not difficult to get the car number with options like the number you want.

You just sign up first, it is very easy and the process is not long. of course you already know the dvla number plates. Here you will get the number for your vehicle according to what you expect.

Want to appear convincing as the famous artist is not difficult anymore, you just set and will soon form too.

day trip thailand



ANGKOK - Pattaya
After breakfast, with the boat and the river CHAOPRHAYA WAT ARUN, Grand Palace & Emerald BUDDHA TEMPLE, Then go to Pattaya. In travel, and visit the Tiger Zoo in Sriracha Crocodile Farm. Dinner and check in hotel for rest, or the opportunity to take a tour to see the performance of Cabaret spetakkuler, ALCAZAR SHOW. (B, L, D)
Accommodation: Siam Bayview Hotel (4 *) or equal.

DAY 03:
Pattaya - BANGKOK
After breakfast, go NONGNOOCH VILLAGE, which is the Thailand Cultural Park. You will see the traditional Thai dance performance, sporting the famous self-care THAI Boxing, Elephant SHOW interesting, etc. After lunch return to Bangkok. On the way visit the Gems FACTORY return to the hotel. (B, L, D)
Accommodation: Windsor Suite Hotel (4 *) or equal.

DAY 04:
BANGKOK - HONGKONG EK 384: 13:45 - 17:40
Today, you will push off the plane onto HONGKONG. Arrive in Hong Kong, you will be picked up and immediately proceed with the tour bus to Shenzhen. Arrived in Shenzhen, you will transfer to hotel for check-in hotel. (B, D)
Accommodation: Century Plaza Hotel (4 *) or equal.

DAY 05:
Events this week to visit WINDOW OF THE WORLD - where you can view the object miniature tour around the world. Day afternoon session resumed toward SPLENDID OF CHINA to witness the performance of traditional Chinese Folk CHINA CULTURE VILLAGE. (B, L, D)
Accommodation: Century Plaza Hotel (4 *) or equal.

DAY 06:
On this day you will be transported back to HONGKONG and invited directly through / visiting OF STARS Avenue, CLOCK TOWER, Jewelery WORKSHOP, with Victoria Peak and the Peak tram Madame Wax TUSAUD'S MUSEUM. Lunch you will enjoy at the Jumbo Floating RESTAURANT. Afternoon session is free for you to shop pergunakn. (B, L, D)
Accommodation: Royal Plaza Hotel (4 *) or equal.

DAY 07:
After enjoying breakfast, you will visit the City Tour HONGKONG DISNEYLAND (including entrance tickets) which is the newest theme park in HONGKONG and is very popular around the world. You can enjoy a game-like game: SPACE MOUNTAIN, Buzz LIGHT YEAR ASTRO Blaster, DLL. And then delivered to the hotel for overnight. (B, L, D)
Accommodation: Royal Plaza Hotel (4 *) or equal.

DAY 08:
HONGKONG - SINGAPORE SQ 859: 10.30 - 14:10
SINGAPORE - JAKARTA SQ 960: 15:30 - 16:05
Today, you're ready to transfer to Airport and return to the country. Thank you for your participation with us PANEN TOUR and to meet again in the other tour events.

Stay in Condominium



Provide a room for rent per month and in the Condominium in Singapore. From near the bus interchange and MRT station. For those of you who are interested please contact me at +6594512270 or sms at +628127513568

* Stay in Condominium
* Swimming pool
* Jacuzzi
* Gym room
* Tennis court
* Basketball and badminton court
* High-floor rooms
* Aircon and fully furnished room
* High-speed internet wireless connection
* Cable TV including HBO and sport channels
* Daily room-housekeeping
* Daily laundry facility
* Easy access to bus interchange and Toa Payoh MRT station (5 minutes walk)

accommodation in Singapore



Resting at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula is the island city-state - Singapore. The country was known in the past by the name ‘Temasek’, which means sea in Javanese as well as by ‘Singapura’ given by prince Sang Nila Utama of Sri Vijaya Empire, which means the city of Lion in Sanskrit.

One of the key attractions in Singapore is its lifeline – the Singapore River, which is 11km in length. The river originates from the Central Area in the south of the country, where its proximate areas have become a commercial hub.

Raffles Landing Site lies in close proximity to the Boat Quay. Here you will be enlightened about Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles (1781 -1826) and his development works converting the tranquil Singapore River into a bustling trading outpost and lifeline for traders traveling between India and China.

Due to the intense surge of traffic over the years since 1880s, the river faced a grave situation of pollution. By October 1977 an act was submitted to the premier for cleansing the river. About a decade later the massive purification and development project came to an end under the jurisdiction of the Urban Redevelopment Authority, encompassing the areas of Singapore River and the Kallang basin.

The construction of the river-wall and the 6km promenade were implemented during this time. The best part is the facelift that was given to the surrounding area, converting the bustling lifeline into an appealing residential, recreational and entertainment areas straddling the Singapore River.

There are many old quays turned into entertainment zones that come to life during evenings, such as Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay among others. You can relish their psychedelic neon lights, thematic cafes and restaurants offering delectable cuisines, along with wine bars offering quality beer from the finest breweries besides the pubs and clubs hosting an array of exciting events. Cruise along the river on ‘tongkangs’ (bum-boats) and also shop to your heart’s content at shop-houses, retail shops and specialty shops packed with souvenirs and other items.

Other attractions worth exploring are the Alkaff Bridge, which was meticulously painted by an artist and a group of rope specialists. The historical Elgin Bridge was the first to be built across Singapore River linking the southern Chinese community and the northern Indian merchants. The 260m long Esplanade Bridge features seven low level arches along with a four-lane roadway and wide walkways.

If you are looking for accommodation in Singapore, you can choose from a wide array of Singapore hotels spanning from budget to luxury rates offering numerous facilities for a comfortable stay. Take a pick from a Singapore hotel sited in the river district, overlooking the scenic historical Singapore River and its vibrant entertainment zones straddling on its either sides.
Pushpitha Wijesinghe

Louvre museum



Year 1883, to commemorate his death three years, held exhibitions paintings in Amsterdam, among them the title Terbakar Forest, Hunting Buffalo in Java, and arrest Prince Diponegoro. Paintings, among others, is sent by King Willem III and Prince Saksen Van Coburg-Gotha.
Indeed, many rich people and officials Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany during which the painter appears unique in the world with noble Javanese traditional dress complete with blangkon. Among them are noble Saksen Coburg-Gotha, the family of Queen Victoria, and a number of governor-general, such as van den Bosch, Baud, and Daendels.
Some also menganugerahinya a testimonial, which he always sematkan in the chest. Of them, stars Ridder van de Orde der Eikenkoon (Rek), Commandeur de queen met der Frans Joseph Order (CFJ), Ridder Kroonorde van der Pruisen (RKP), Ridder van de Witte Valk (RWV), etc..
While the award from the Indonesian government in 1969 awarded through the Department of Education and Culture, in the form of posthumous Charter as Perintis Anugerah Seni Lukis Art in Indonesia. Attention is another form, re-development in Bogor makamnya made by Ir. Silaban President Soekarno on command, a number of paintings used to illustrate the state valuable objects, such as year-end 1967, issued a stamp series PTT Raden Saleh two paintings with the image reproduction of prey animals that are fighting.
Thanks to the Raden Saleh, Indonesian berbangga can see the works of children of the nation through museums such as akbar Rijkmuseum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and exhibited at the prestigious Louvre museum, Paris, France.
> tukar




We've known it over the years as the Discovery, Discovery II, LR3 and now, LR4. What hasn't changed is its distinctive stepped roofline, impressive cargo capacity and 7-passenger seating, for the ultimate in utilitarian chic coupled with Gobi-gobbling off-road capability.

Like its Range Rover and Range Rover Sport siblings, the sheet metal stays the same, but the LR4 gets its own set of LED-rimmed overlapping-circle headlights, thematically consistent LED taillights, 19-in. wheels, a new smoother front fascia and a two-bar perforated grille. This last item both visually lowers the car and feeds more cooling air to a significantly more powerful direct-injected 5.0-liter engine, based on Jaguar's AJ-V8 family, that replaces last year's BMW-sourced unit.

The LR-V8 makes 375 bhp (a 25-percent increase) with variable timing on all four camshafts, variable valve lift on the intake side and a 2-stage intake plenum, good for a 0–60 sprint of 7.5 seconds. It's coupled to an all-new ZF 6-speed adaptive automatic, feeding power to all four wheels through an electronic 2-speed transfer case. For fording streams and the like, the engine's belt drives are waterproofed, along with the alternator, starter motor, a/c compressor and power steering pump. And a deep oil sump prevents oil starvation, at up to 45 degrees pitch and 35 degrees roll.

The interior has been completely redone, retaining the same basic architecture but with a more premium feel that includes a significant reduction in the number of buttons and controls. The center stack is tilted slightly toward the driver, the Terrain Response selector is now ahead of the shifter, and the steering wheel and its button layout are new. Lower seat cushions have been extended for better thigh support, and LEDs provide subtle ambient lighting at various places throughout the interior.

And yes, that funky asymmetric tailgate continues...odd, but it does give the LR4 some additional character.

A holiday in the myrtle beach



Determine the destination for day trips sometimes have disagreements among friends or family members. choose the beach for the holiday is sometimes a very special thing to do. not because of how the beach is a comfortable place to vacation. may be one of the beach which is the holiday destination at this time that Myrtle Beach resort.

Witness Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort is spread a white sandy beach with small waves and are, is worth much visited by the traveler. here is the arena to play a very diverting where you can play it is.

There are many choices in Myrtle Beach Resorts, this service if you want the best for your holiday in between them,sparkling pools, lazy river, hot tubs, a spa, dinner theaters, theme parks, deep sea fishing, golf tee times,a shopping center that is affordable, the other recreation that will make you long to be a holiday in this coastal area.

various cities in the Netherlands behind Lawangsewu logo



Entering the pages in the building Lawangsewu, beautiful scenery of the solder glass wall in the second floor, will be directly enjoyed. In a dark alley in the old building owned by PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI), the solder glass facing the sunrise, the light with pendaran light that gives light to the feel of the room.

Building design building Lawangsewu, who founded the Dutch since hundreds of years ago, are eligible get the click of amazed anyone. Ruangannya regulation of compliance with environmental conditions, showing the maturity of planning. All detail and seems to be prepared with extreme care so that, a very good feel and fit.

Glass solder that were installed in the wall to the second floor of this building, for example, with the color-color bright and varied, sparkler visible when the morning comes, especially among at 07.00-08.00 WIB. Incoming sunlight, memendarkan light around the room, create atmosphere and appear brighter.

Design images that have no markets. The visible image is the most prominent two women (young girl) Netherlands, wear purple clothing and red-blue-purple face-to-face, but if it be genuine, there are 17 different forms of the logo and colors.

Daniel Otter, one of the custodian Lawangsewu, say, the pictures that the logo is a city in the Netherlands, such as Alphen Aan Den Rijn, Amsterdam, Leiden, Leidschendam, Rotterdam, Wageningen, and other.

''I tahunya while also bringing tourists from the Netherlands, he says the logo-the logo is the logo of town in their country. In each picture, have their own means. While the image of flowers and leaves in the surrounding areas, is the type of flowers and plants in the Netherlands,''he said.

Four large pieces of glass arranged in line 3 to the northeast, east, southeast, and this, also made from high quality materials. Although hundreds of years age, color images on glass are very good, does not even look faded or dull. However, some small glass in the lower, who have already lost.

Dutch heritage buildings in Semarang is quite a lot, especially in the old city area. However, of the many buildings that have only Lawangsewu the solder glass ornament with a logo-the logo of the city in the Netherlands. Perhaps, the image is meant to showcase the triumph of the Netherlands, as the people in power in Indonesia at that time.

Daniel conclusion is given based on the expression of pride tourist Dutch origin, came to the Lawangsewu. From''pemadu that accompany the tourists from the Netherlands, I was told that they were very happy with the existence of the logo-the logo. In fact, not a few people from the Netherlands show that the city of their logo,''said Daniel.

If Indonesia at this time is no longer under the authority of the Netherlands, they are still happy to have the logo symbol of the triumph of the logo-the Netherlands, which is still behind in Semarang. Moreover, most of the tourists who visit the Netherlands Lawangsewu, most have a family, whether father or grandfather who used to live in Semarang.

we will lag far with other countries



"I really agree with the opinion of the relative about e-learning, but we as human beings who live in this global era must feel the need to era. Because if we do not" participate in follow-up, "and we will lag far with other countries . Here, I intend not to win the e-learning, but I tried the things in wisdom as each have certain things and bad , and all of them need a process. "

"So please do not blame the current policy. If you know you can have a solution, such as what to improve" quality education "in indonesia is the first, kongkritnya such as what are the steps? Said only if I like the general and no concrete solutions. If you can please include how you about "quality of school education" with the current situation of teachers such as these, I apologize only want to know how you bid on the solution that you . "

Related Topics: "Corruption should be a Virus Found medicine" - below!

Re: "if we do not" participate in follow-up, "and we will lag far with other countries"

We strongly agree, but we "follow-follow-up" What first?

We are very lucky because:

* Information about the "good practice" for conducting quality education are many.

* Information about the technology in the field of education also have a lot.

Reforms in education are the most important thing is we can "make a plan to improve the quality of education together."

Indeed, we support the development of technology, but we must maintain that right useful technology applications, will improve the quality of education, and in accordance with the wishes broad environmental education, not like all the times of first keputasan from the center (a project).

"School quality is the key to improving the quality of education. Education and my background is electronic technology, technology education, teacher and education consultant, and I have been working on campus and in school for 30 years in the field of technology education. But during my experience in India and abroad I rarely see the promises that technology will improve the quality of education met, usually disappointing. Usually it is the successful companies and technology businesses that provide services.

Every day we receive dozens of letters and forms from the field; from teachers, students, principals, student-student, faculty, and sometimes from the president. This communication has been running for 9 years and that is required in the field needs to perform basic quality education in schools. For example:


Of school (all schools) so that the situation in the school is safe and comfortable. Now, many students and teachers in the school in danger, that many would come apart or collapse.

Basic facilities for teaching. Equipment and apparatus for teaching the science curriculum including science and technology is lacking. Every day there is a request for assistance, there is also often find that the curriculum (to me why, why not to the Ministry of National Education). Does the school need electricity? I never visit the schools in the South who do not have electricity and I know frustrasinya. They have a science kit from Pudak and they need to take water from wells and used candles for training optical tidaka because there is electricity. We must maintain equity of education for all nations. Now there are schools that include international standards. But most rural poverty is still the standard. Is this not a priority, to give all children access to quality education?

The welfare of teachers and lecturers so that they can simply focus on the task to them (teaching) and do not need to divide the time to search for food elsewhere. Ina is very important to start to improve the quality of education. Together with this, the system must increase monitoring and accountability of teachers. Appropriate role and teachers to implement quality education appropriate salary (November 2007) is around Rp.5.000.000, per month.




ride the wind

Unique experience for tourists



The emphasis of planning a hotel is classified as a resort hotel with the purpose of pleasure and recreation is the unity between the building with the surrounding environment, can be created so that the harmonization of the tune.

Besides, note that a place that is visited rekreatif akan many tourists at the time ¬ time, namely on public holidays. Therefore, to maintain the occupancy rates remain high, it is very necessary facilities are provided which can be used for functions such as non ¬ rekreatif, function room and banguet.

Each location will be developed as a place where tourism has a different character, which requires a specific solution. In a hotel resort plan needs to principles of design as follows:
1. Individual needs and requirements in the conduct of the tour.
2. Unique experience for tourists.
3. Creating an image of an interesting

Hotel Resort



Planning and design of a Hotel Resort should be in accordance with the climate and location of development. In Indonesia, especially in the area packed the cooler and away from air pollution and sound pollution has a tropical climate, so it is suitable Tropical Architecture planning and design for the Resort Hotel, but do not close the possibility to make the planning and design of Hotel Resort with other architectural features.

The existence of a Hotel Resort is expected to be one of the solutions for the people of Jakarta who lives and well-being and comfort of a sport be difficult in the middle of Jakarta.

The Resort
Resort is a place tingga changes for a while for someone outside the residence with the purpose of, among others, to get fresh life and sport and the desire you want to know something. Can also be associated with related interests kegiata sports, health, conventions, religious and other business purposes. (Director General of Tourism, India Tourism Soil water, pp. 13, November, 1988)

Is a health resort in the summer, the beach / in the mountains a lot of experience. (John M. Echols, Kamus English-Indonesia, Gramedia, Jakarta, 1987)

Resort is the place where tourism or recreation that often visit people where visitors come to enjoy the natural potential. (AS Hornby, Oxford Leaner's Dictionary of Current English, Oxford University Press, 1974)

Resort is a place where stay has facilities for leisure activities and berolah sport such as tennis, golf, spa, tracking, and jogging, the concierge is experienced and knows the resort right environment, if there are guests who want to hitch-hiking around while enjoying the beauty of nature around This resort. (Nyoman.S. Pendit. Tourism Sciences, Jakarta: Trisakti Tourism Academy, 1999)

Resort is an area that terrencana ydab not just to stay but also for rest and recreation. (Chuck Y. Gee, Resort Development and Management, Watson-Guptil Publication 1988)

A hotel resort area which should have no
relation to tourism, therefore, a resort hotel located on the hills, mountains, valleys, and also pulung small fringe of the beach. (Nyoman S. Pendit. Pariwata Sciences. Jakarta: Trisakti Tourism Academy, 1999)

The Resort Hotel
Hotel Resort is defined as a hotel that is located dikawasan tour, where some visitors who do not stay business activities. Generally located quite far from the city center as well as work place health.

From the definition above can be concluded that the total hotel resorts provide facilities for vacation, recreation and sports. Also generally can not be separated from activities of visitors who stay for a vacation and want changes from day-to-day activities.

The emergence of factors Resort Hotel
In accordance with the objectives of the existence of the Resort Hotel which is in addition to stay as well as recreational facilities. Therefore the occurrence of the hotel resort is caused by the following factors:
- The shortage of time to rest
- Human Needs Human akan recreation in general tend to be able to require recreational and relaxing the saturation caused by the activities they
- Health Symptoms stress can arise due to the work so tiring that can affect human health. To be able to restore the good health of the workers and their families need mental freshness and sport that can be packed in the cool and beautiful restaurants and accommodation together with lodging facilities as health
- The Potential of Enjoying Nature the potential existence of the beautiful nature and very difficult to get cool in the urban areas crowded and air pollution. Thus the desire to enjoy the urban community the potential problems to be natural, therefore, resort hotel offers a beautiful natural scenery and cool so that it can be enjoyed by visitors to the hotel or the user

a comfortable place to vacation



Complete the work throughout the year with a target, a situation that is very tiring demands of the high concentration drain stamina and energy. if you are stuck with a situation such that the work would be satisfying if we can be obtained in a fresh and prime physical and spiritual. go on holiday and get back to tranquility and freshness you start rushing back.

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Myrtle Beach resorts is also equipped with various entertainment venues, among theater, family sports facilities, shopping, golf courses that can be accessed easily and quickly.

Avista resort is one of the Myrtle Beach resort offering a service more than just the usual resort, among the fittness center, family swimming pool, restauran,conventions hall,wedding package, golf course package.

If you search for Myrtle Beach hotels may be the right is what you are looking for.

channel in the Youth Voice



Books, Love, Party, Teen tagline Suara Merdeka Cybernews this describes the target dibidik try the latest special channel for youth under the age of 21 this year. Rubric rubric-in intelektualitas target teenagers, but delivered in a manner that is far from menggurui. Fun and ejoyable.

Situated on the Aula Suara Merdeka Jl Pandanaran 30 (24 / 5), Chief Editor of Suara Merdeka CyberNews A Aulia Muhammad along with dozens of students redaksinya invite junior and senior high school in Semarang and surrounding areas in order to launch channel in the Youth Voice website www.suaramerdeka.com.

In the canal, the teenagers are free to reveal the thoughts, ideas, and anything they want, along with the appropriate rubrikasi and the paper itself. Youth Voice in the rubric include letters, diary, sekolahmu, novels, fashion, poetry, music, mejeng, and nongkrong is ready mewadahi all unek-unek adolescents. "We even provide the rubric 'sell themselves' for those who narsis, namely mejeng," said Aulia.

Bridge Creativity

In writing, the Suara Merdeka CyberNews does not require teenagers to use the English standard. Use 'lo-I' was, Aulia said, why not as long as consistent from beginning to end. However, as maraknya use of SMS with the words abbreviated, Aulia reminded that this was not done. "Can bacanya dizzy," he said.

He is optimistic that CyberNews Suara Merdeka perdetiknya read 1,000 people both in and outside the country is able to bridge the creativity as well as expand their networking.

"Cornwall Youth Voters, we provide the readers for teenagers. You can find ads for the channel and get the fee." The remaining money, connect Aulia, will be collected and used for events such as the outbound, education seminars, and other positive activities.

Some participants that the proposed canal is also a more serious article, and 'heavy', general knowledge and education, coverage of community, and youth organizations both in and outside school, video, animation, and scholarships for students can not afford it, greeted the range by redaction.

According to Aulia, channel is different from the canal teenagers who may never have. In the rubric sekolahmu for example, not a school profile that is displayed but it's a unique school. Activities can also appear as a school of art, or other event. In the rubric mode, not simply a fashion show coverage given space, but allows jugapula when teenagers want to criticize mode around them. The writings of these will be more interesting if the attached image.

Stay safe



Semarang's safety is considered moderate. The people are nice, especially to stranger (western tourist especially); People are helpful and friendly.

Never touch anyone's head (especially teenagers and older men) as it is considered as "insult" and might invite troubles. In the crowded bus/train/small car used as public transportation, "un-intended touch" is tolerated. Never look at someone (especially young men) straight to the eyes more than 3 times as it might be considered as "challenging them to fight" (this is apply especially in bigger town/city - as the villagers are more friendly to strangers).

Semarang is neither a small city nor huge like Jakarta. Everyone is urged to take account universal rules such as "only walk in the light-bright area"; do not attempt to deal with hookers or trans-sexual hookers which are usually done under secluded and dark area; lady travelers are urged not to travel alone after 11 p.m especially in an unknown dark neighborhood, sometimes even in residential areas. For precautions do carry a mace or pepper sprays. Only take moderate amount of money in an open air ATM.

When riding the public transportation it is not encouraged to wear jewelry, or gaudy and branded or designer watches. Petty thieves are common, but they do not strike when it isn't obvious. During the night take public transportations that have more than a few people in them.
[edit] Stay healthy

Tap water in Indonesia is not potable. So do not drink your hotel tap water unless you boil it first. Bottled water is very popular and not expensive, popular brand is AQUA, ADES, 2 Tang etc. You can find them in department stores and mini mart such as Indomart, Alfa Mart and even in small street stalls (usually in the corner of street intersection).

Hospitals with 24 hours emergency rooms (ER):

* RS Umum Pusat Dr. Kariadi, Jl. Dr. Sutomo No. 16, Tel.: (62)(24) 413993, (62)(24) 413764, (62)(24) 413476.

* RS. St. Elizabeth, Jl. Kawi No 1. Tel.: (62)(24) 831 0035

* RS. Telogorejo, Jl. K.H. Achmad Dahlan, Tel.: (62)(24)446000.

* RS. Panti Wilasa Cipto, Jl. Dr.Cipto 50, Tel.: (62)(24) 546040.

* RS. Panti Wilasa Citarum, Jl. Citarum No. 98. Tel.: (62)(24)3542224.

You can also keep your health by having reflexology treatment. Enjoy how reflexology treatment can be harmonically mixed with aromatherapy and soundtherapy at SINERGY REFLEXOLOGY :

Jl KH Ahmad Dahlan 11A, tel : (024) 70170788 (Simpang Lima Area)
Jl Majapahit 218C, tel : (024) 70388838
Bandara A Yani, Arjuna Lounge, tel : (024) 70355535

[edit] Contact

Post offices are easy to find. DHL, TNT, Fedex and other international courier also available. Local courier and shipping company (also serving international courier and freight) is ELTEHA (LTH). Ask your hotel staff to help you dealing with these courier companies.
[edit] Cope

* Ambulance: 118
* Police: 110
* Central Java Police HQ. Jl. Pahlawan 1. Tel.: (62)(24) 831-1382
* Semarang Police HQ. Jl. Dr Sutomo 19. Tel.: (62)(24) 844-4444, (62)(24) 8418400

Police stations:

* Central Semarang. Jl. Brumbungan Tengah 41. Tel.: (62)(24) 354-5175
* North Semarang. Jl. Letjen Suprapto 45. Tel.: (62)(24) 6921275
* South Semarang. Jl. Sultan Agung 103. Tel.: (62)(24) 8315123.
* West Semarang. : Jl. Ronggolawe Selatan. Tel.: (62)(24) 7610698
* East Semarang. Jl. Majapahit. Tel.: (62)(24) 6710863

[edit] Get out

Semarang is the major hub city of Central Java. From Semarang you can go to Dieng Plateau situated north off small town namd Wonosobo for one day tour seeing ancient hindus temple/candi in a former ancient city lies in the misty plateau.

Alternatively, within one and a half hours you can go to Borobudur temple in Muntilan and then to Prambanan temple in Klaten and buy some antiques and batik in Yogyakarta. It take less than 2 hours drive from Semarang to Yogyakarta. Solo is also only one and half hour drive from Semarang.

You can also go further southward to some small towns like Ungaran, Salatiga, Ambarawa, Kopeng and Bandungan. It will take at least a one day tour but is really worth it. You will see beautiful scenery on the way between Semarang, Salatiga and the adjacent cities like Solo and Yogyakarta. You can reach Solo (sometimes called Surakarta) or Yogyakarta in less than 2 hours.

* Karimunjawa - marine national park in small islands north of Semarang
* Kudus - the centre of Indonesia's cigarettes industry, where some prominent manufacturers are located, of which 'Djarum' is the most famous.

Kyai Pandan Arang



Semarang's history dates back to the ninth century, when it was known as Bergota. By the end of fifteenth century, a Javanese Islamic missionary from nearby Sultanate of Demak with the name of Kyai Pandan Arang founded a village and an Islamic boarding school in this place. On May 1, 1547, after consulting Sunan Kalijaga, Sultan Hadiwijaya of Pajang declared Kyai Pandan Arang the first bupati (regent) of Semarang, thus culturally and politically, on this day Semarang was born.

In 1678, Sunan Amangkurat II promised to give control of Semarang to the Dutch East India Company (VOC) as a part of a debt payment. In 1682, the Semarang state was founded by the Dutch colonial power. On October 5, 1705 after years of occupations, Semarang officially became a VOC city when Susuhunan Pakubuwono I made a deal to give extensive trade rights to the VOC in exchange of wiping out Mataram's debt. The VOC, and later, the Dutch East Indies government, established tobacco plantations in the region and built roads and railroads, making Semarang an important colonial trading centre.

In the 1920s, the city became a center of leftist and nationalist activism. With the founding of the Communist Party of Indonesia in the city, Semarang became known as the "Red City". The Japanese military occupied the city along with the rest of Java in 1942, during Pacific War of World War II. During that time, Semarang was headed by a military governor called a Shiko), and two vice governors known as Fuku Shiko. One of the vice governors was appointed from Japan, and the other was chosen from the local population. After Indonesian independence in 1945, Semarang became the capital of Central Java province.

furniture semarang



Products/Services : Our company is located central java-indonesia, we manufacturer first class quality teak and mahogany in many different styles.

our product range :
dining- tables
side boards
wall rack
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SARABOSTAN .......... Tehran
Products/Services : We are exporters of dried flowers, vegetables, herbs, spicery and gums products.
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P.T.SERIMPI ASLI WENANG .......... Manado
Products/Services : We are manufacturers & exporters of coconut shell charcoal products.

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Products/Services : Hardware & accesories brass component furniture manufacturer : engsel doorset, baut, handel antik.
our product range :
memproduksi hardware
antique bicycle
-sepeda antik
-becak antik
accesoris furniture - selot pintu
plat punch
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SHINTA GROUP .......... Tangerang
Products/Services : Manufacturer & exporter of polyester, fiber and yarn.

our products ranges:-
yarn & fibre division
polyester & nylon
cotton & viscose

textile division
woven fabric
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CV. LARAZTEX .......... Tengah
Products/Services : Manufacturer and exporter of

african hand painting
exclusive hand painting
ethnico hand painting
pigment hand painting
pigment chiffone hand painting
black & white hand printing
mono color hand printing
multi color hand printing
black & white hand stamp
mono color hand stamp
double process hand stamp
multi color hand stamp
diamond tie dye
ileran tie dye
wood texture tie dye
short pants
triangle skirt
mini skirt
long skirt
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UD MAS ALAM .......... Surabaya
Products/Services : We are exporters/importers of all kinds agricultural products.

our products are :
-tamarind seed
-dried chilly
-benjamin seed
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UD. FAUZY JATI .......... Central Java
Products/Services : We provide the jawa wood product catalog page. we offer a variety of indoor furniture that represent the very best in wood furniture.

our products :-
dinning chair

below is a indoor furniture category list of the products we produce and sell.
dinning chair

ineligible by number



If you are a football coach or player (any level) and have a question about the rules, send your question to Curt Johnson at cmajohnson AT charter DOT net. Curt Johnson is a high school and college football official. Please specify NCAA (college) or NFHS (high school) rules in your question. This site also has an introduction to the rules and answers for fans.

Question: Can a cornerback grab a receiver by the jersey with his hands as they are coming off the line of scrimmage? How far downfield can the cornerback run with the receiver doing this?

Answer: No, the cornerback may not grab a receiver--that is holding (10 yard penalty, and under NCAA rules automatic 1st down if a forward pass is thrown). A defender may contact a reciever at the line of scrimmage, but only with a legal blocking technique. And he may continue to block him all the way down the field until the ball is thrown. But when the reciever gets to the same yardline as the defender, the defender must stop blocking him as he is no longer considered a "potential blocker."

Question: I want to run an unbalanced offense with only my guard and tackle on one side and everyone else on the other side. Can I bring both of my tight ends to one side, keep them on the line and still retain their pass eligibility, or do the eligible receivers on the line have to be on each end of the line?

Answer: Pass eligibilty rules apply to who is eligible to CATCH a legal forward pass. The receiver must be eligible by position AND by number. There are up to 6 eligible positions at the snap:

* The 2 players legally on the end of their line
* A player legally in his backfield--up to 4 including the QB

Also, these receivers must be wearing a number other than 50 thru 79 to catch the pass.

Your covered tight end is ineligible by position and your tackle on the end of the line is ineligible by number since he's probably wearing a number from 50-79. My suggestion would be to keep your TE on the end and move your guard or tackle over to where you moved your TE. That way you still have the same unbalanced formation but your TEs can now catch a pass.

one left from ronggowarsito



Ronggowarsito, Semarang is located in JI. Abdulrachman Saleh at the Kalibanteng intersection complex. It consists of four buildings and each consisting of two floors. This is general museum houses different kinds of antiquities, Javanese handicrafts and artworks, photo documentaries, paintings in addition to archaeological and historical characteristics like inscriptions, fossils, heirlooms, statues and Ronggowarsito was the name of a 19th century poet laureate of the Kasunanan Palace of Surakarta. He made anticipation about future codes of conduct in his famous work ‘Serat Kalatidha’ (Javanese). The Ronggowarsito museum houses a huge collection of antic items. There are as many as 8300 items that have been places in the four buildings with two floors. This museum is very favorite with the tourists and the local people here. The Ronggowarsito opens regularly from Tuesday to Sunday from 8 m in the morning to 2 pm in the afternoon. The Ronggowarsito remains closed on Mondays only. So you can check out this museum anytime in the week except Monday. This museum is a must go for the art lovers. The inscriptions tell many things about the past history of Semarang. The antiquities of the Ronggowarsito have been well preserved and well kept. This cultural and art museum speak volumes about the rich culture of Semarang. This national pride of Semarang today is one of the most frequented spot by the travelers.

Ronggowarsito, Semarang is a must go for the visitors in order to know about the rich culture of this city. Ronggowarsito will certainly impress you.

jamu museum



Nyonya Meneer Semarang

Indonesia - Jakarta - Lombok - Semarang - Yogyakarta - Bali
Nyonya Meneer, Semarang is one of the celebrated herbal museums of the Central Java. This popular museum was established on 18th January in the year 1984.This museum is visited by locals and visitors on a regular basis.
The Nyonya Meneer Museum, Semarang was mainly established to honor the works of late Mrs.Nyonya Meneer. This lady used different varieties of herbs to treat some diseases. The herbs used by her for the treatment made the diseases total curable. She used the herbs which were available in Java itself. In the beginning of the 20th century she established the Nyonya Herb Factory in Semarang. The Nyonya Meneer museum allows people to know about the jamu which is a traditional herbal medicine. Moreover, the museum also throws light on the life and works of Nyonya Meneer. The various artifacts displayed in this extremely popular museum relates to the history of jamu. The visitors of the museum can view some of the excellent photographs of Nyonya Meneer. You can also get to know about history of Meneer family. The other attraction of this museum includes personal collection of the famous Nyonya Meneer, tools which were used in making jamu, traditional drinking set. You can also get to know about packaging and advertising which were largely used during the growth of jamu industry. In this museum you can also view of some of the fabulous products which were sold by Nyonya Meneer. You can also get to see excellent selection of herbs in Nyonya Meneer, Semarang.

some semarang hotel



Hotel Ciputra Semarang offers a restaurant, a bar and a lobby lounge, offering large selection of International dishes for both, A la Carte and Buffet during Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Surrounding Location:
Ideally located on Simpang Lima, in the heart of Semarang, the hotel provides easy access to business district, shopping centres or tourism places.
Additional Information:
- Borobudur Temple.........3 hours drive
- Prambanan Temple.........4 hours drive
- Gedong Songo Temple......1.5 hours drive
- Preserved Old City.......15 minutes drive
- Thousand Doors Dutch Building.....10 minutes drive
- Old Blenduk Church.......10 minutes drive
- Mount Merapi.............3 hours drive
- Jepara (Furniture Business District)....2 hours drive
- Yogyakarta/Solo..........2,5 hours drive
Children Guests:
Extra bed at US$ 30. Free of charge for children under 12 years old sharing bed with parent.

Beautiful hotel in a fantastic location, right in the heart of Semarang, though very quiet when inside your room. Facilities are excellent, staff very friendly and helpful and hotel beautifully furnished and maintained. Food was fantastic and rooms very clean and tidy. Will definitely stay again when I come back to Semarang next time.

walk around Simpang Lima



I usually choose travel agency because unlike other options, they are able to pick me up directly from home or anywhere I choose. And when I arrived in Semarang, they also will drop me anywhere I want. So if you are totally blind about your destination, travel agency is a good solution for you. I have 2 favourite travel agency, Sentral Travel and Fortuna Travel (dial 108 to find out their numbers), and this time I only get Sentral Travel for my trip since the other is fully booked. Travelling from Bandung to Semarang took about 8 hours and they picked me around 8:30. So I finally arrived in Semarang around 5 in the morning. There are plenty of time for me before my meeting at 9, so I took a walk around Simpang Lima, the center of Semarang city.

You can read the rest of the story

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complete Trip Informations



There are plenty of mini bus (locally called angkot/daihatsu) and medium-sized bus called Damri in the city. These mini bus go to different destinations as follows:

* Damri No.1 Route: Terboyo-Banyumanik. Fare: Rp.6.000
* Damri No.2 Route: Terboyo-Mangkang. Fare: Rp.4.500
* Damri No.5 Route: Johar-Kompleks Perumnas. Rp.5.000

As 2008 Dishub Pemda Semarang operating Damri AC for Rp 5,000

The mini bus has a route travelled written on the top-front of the bus. The route normally written in the form of 'origin-destination' and sometimes with 'via' information if there are more than 1 mini bus ply the same origin-destination but through a different path in between.

For example: Daihatsu Johar-Sampangan, means the origin is from Johar terminal and going to Sampangan and vice-versa. The fares for the mini-bus is around Rp.2000-3000.

Some popular places in Semarang that can be reached by mini bus/bus are:

* Pasar Johar, you need to board Daihatsu with the route Johar-Sampangan.
* ADA Siliwangi Supermarket, you need to board Daihatsu with the route PRPP-Klipang
* Tawang Train Station, Damri No.1 Terboyo-Banyumanik.
* Poncol Station, Daihatsu Semarang-Salatiga.
* Terboyo Bus Terminal, Damri No.1 or Damri No.2.
* Undip (Diponegoro University), Damri No.1 or Damri No.5.

Make sure you ask the conductor/driver of the minibus before you board for the route it goes and whether it pass the place you want to go.
[edit] By taxi

Taxis are very safe and comfortable, and reasonably priced (starting price of Rp4000).

Make sure you understand the route or ask your friend. Make sure the driver use the meter ("argo"). If he refused to use the meter, use other taxis. List of taxi companies:

* Astria, Jl Jatisari 1, Semarang 50235, ☎ 62-24-7460940. edit
* Centris Multipersada, Jl Majapahit 583, ☎ 62-24-6723624. edit
* Kosti, Jl Pamularsih 15, Semarang 50148, ☎ 62-24-7613333. edit
* Pandu Persada Saranamukti, Jl Kaligawe Km 4/46, ☎ 62-24-6591234. edit
* Puri Kencana, Jl Rogojembangan Raya 68, ☎ 62-24-6705050.

relax and have fun at Simpang lima



Simpang Lima is a beautiful park at the center of Semarang, Java. This vast field features malls, restaurant, shops and many cinemas around it. Step out in the evening and you will be part of the hustle and bustle of the busy city. Graze through the never ending market place and indulge in the regular window shopping. Try out the throng of eateries beside Simpang Lima in Semarang. You can choose from the sophisticated restaurants with perfect décor, or just browse through the hordes of small joints and open stall providing you with authentic Javanese dishes and variety of Indonesian delicacies.

The Simpang Lima is an ideal place for an individual to relax and have fun simultaneously. It is a place for enjoyment for all irrespective of class and cast.

Things to do at the Simpang Lima, Semarang:

- In Simpang Lima, Semarang you can enjoy the glamour of city life.
- Go for a morning walk at the Simpang Lima, Semarang, and enjoy the fresh morning breeze.
- You can also go out shopping or window shopping around this park.
- Simpang Lima, Semarang, comes as a sweet relief at the heart of all the city commotion. It is a breather for residents.
- You can also catch a movie or two in the movie halls near the Simpang Lima, Semarang.
- Simpang Lima, Semarang, also means five intersections, and acts as a common ground where in all people of the city come together to enjoy leaving behind all differences.
- Sit back on the green fields and relax. You can also organize a picnic or go on a morning and evening stroll.
- Downtown of Semarang area, Simpang Lima is the place to hit when your heart calls for the city lifestyle.
- You will find cheap and delicious food in the stalls around the Simpang Lima, Semarang. So go for a quick bite at the Simpang Lima, Semarang. If you want to dine in a suave restaurant, Simpang Lima also gives you plenty of options with this regard.

interesting place
is a vast field at the heart of Semarang. At night, we can eat, drink or just bring our self-wandering around Simpang Lima. There are plenty of food stalls offering variety of Indonesian and Javanese food. The price is cheap, sometimes very cheap. It is a square with many shops and cinemas around. In the evening a lot of people are here taking a walk or window-shopping. Early in the morning, people are jogging along the street.

Simpang Lima, the downtown of Semarang area, is probably the best place to stay if we want to enjoy the hustle bustle of the town life. However, if we are looking for tranquility, the hotels around Sisingamangaraja Street, the upscale neighborhood in the hills of Semarang is probably better.

more close to semarang



There is much to learn about Semarang : the place, the climate, the culture and even the people. Semarang is the capital city of Central Java . It is more a commercial center than a city tourists. The Javanese call Semarang ‘the hot city', although over the year it is not measurably hotter than Jakarta . The average yearly temperature is 30º C ( 86 F ) with some, but not much, variation over the course of the year. It's hot and rather humid all year round, but feels better in the rainy season (October to March). The heaviest rains are usually around Jan and Feb. Lightweight cotton clothing is about right for here. Woollen clothing is not needed at all in Semarang , unless you plan to spend time at some of the higher elevations.


Indonesians are polite people. On meeting and leaving it is customary to shake hands with both men and women. A business guest will often be offered and served a drink and it is advisable not to reach for this until the host gestures to do so. It is polite to at least sample the drink or any food offered.

Indonesians are not known for their punctuality, and offence should not be taken if events do not start on time, or if a guest arrives late.

Most of the people in Semarang are Javanese. They are pleasant people; cheerful, unwilling to give offense, or, seemingly, to take offense. Generally, Indonesians prefer to avoid disharmony or conflict and to preserve their own and other people's dignity. They pride themselves on being one of the most refined, polite and cultivated peoples on earth. They make allowances for foreigners, but it is polite to learn how not to offend them.


The following hints regarding Indonesian customs and etiquette may help you feel more at home and save you some embarrassing moments while in Semarang. They are guidelines only, so interpret them according to circumstances.

The left hand is unclean – When offering or receiving something, it is given and accepted with right hand. This includes money, gifts or paper. Also, when eating it is polite to use the right hand. The left hand is considered unclean according to the Islamic tradition (and it sometimes is).

Heads are sensitive and backs are private – Do not touch or pat the heads of others, including children. The hearty slap on the back and a too readily seized shoulder are not particularly appreciated. If some gesture of familiarity is felt necessary, a gentle touch on the elbow is more likely to please.

Respect the diet of others – When planning dinner parties, dietary restrictions should be considered. Moslems do not eat pork and do not drink alcoholic beverages. If either is served, the particular dishes or beverages containing the restricted items should be pointed out. During the fasting month of Ramadhan, it will be wise not to invite a Moslem to lunch. If you are going to invite them to dinner, make it after 7.00 p.m. (after they break their fast).

Dress modestly – Women dress in modest fashion in Indonesia. Women wearing halter, tops, backless dresses or sportshorts may invite negative reactions. Appearance is very important in Indonesia and even occasional lapses are likely to be remembered.

Be careful not to offend – The following are considered offensive: standing with one's hands on one hips is considered a sign of superiority (and anger) and should be avoided; loud voices are often considered offensive; anger is usually not openly expressed (in addition, it is helpful to know that an Indonesian may nod to be polite); public displays of affection (even holding hands) are not appreciated; the following may also cause offense – bringing a dog along when visiting an Indonesian family, pointing, especially at a person's face, and entering mosques and houses of prayer wearing shoes.

Above all be polite: When entering a room or an office, it is customary to acknowledge those present with a nod. When leaving an Indonesian's house, it is considered polite to ask permission to leave. ‘Permisi' is the Indonesian word commonly used.


More than 90% of Indonesians are registered Moslems. The remainder are made up of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and others. In the case of Central Java, while most would tell you they are Moslem, the adat (local religious laws) are dominately influenced by the Javanese culture.
Atheism is strongly associated with communism and so a religious preference is required of all Indonesians.


Semarang has an adequate supply of comfortable homes that meet expatriate standards and needs. The homes are predominately located in the foothills on the south side of town in an area called Candi Baru, others are Bukit Sari, the Marina area (near the harbour) and downtown within say 1-2 km of Simpang Lima where Matahari and Mal Ciputra are located.


Electricity - Most homes have 220 Volt 50 Hertz power. The number of watts available is limited by the capacity of your meter and the quality of your wiring. Power-outages are becoming less common but do occur (especially in the rainy season). They seldom last more than a couple of hours. Keep a supply of candles and a flashlight close by.
Electricity is expensive here. Monthly bills range from Rp. 200,000 – 600,000 for a family house.

Water - Water is probably the biggest problem in many houses here. Many homes are not connected to the city water supply (PAM) and wells are often unpredictable. Most houses do not have overhead tanks for catchment or storage but, instead, have large ground storage tanks (5 to 15 cubic meters) from which the water is pumped on demand by a small electric pump (so there's no water supply during a power cut).

Tabanas Park ( Taman Tabanas ) Gombel Semarang Central Java Indonesia



The city of Semarang is the capital of Central Java. It is the center for both administration and trade and most of the offices, the industrial estates, the business centers and innumerable beautiful gardens beautify the city. The city dates back to the 15th to the 18th century and the colonial and the ancient monuments of the place bear ample reflection of the glorious past. One of the most important things to be seen in the city is the Taman Tabanas Gombel in Semarang.

The Taman Tabanas Gombel, Semarang is considered to be a favorite place among all the tourists and the local people alike. The Taman Tabanas Gombel, Semarang is a place top a hill. The place is all the more a favorite place because the air is refreshing and totally fresh and it helps to rejuvenate the senses. You can get to see the picturesque landscape around and see the dazzling lights of the city.

People also like to enjoy the evening at Taman Tabanas Gombel, Semarang. The place is really relaxing and the view of the harbor as well as the city is really fascinating.

Garden residing in this Gombel zoom is known as Tabanas garden in platform of front. As hilly area, this area more coldly from Semarang under side and from here we can enjoy view of town under side. Around this many standing restaurants and hotel.

Tabanas Park Gombel Semarang Central Java Indonesia



The city of Semarang is the capital of Central Java. It is the center for both administration and trade and most of the offices, the industrial estates, the business centers and innumerable beautiful gardens beautify the city. The city dates back to the 15th to the 18th century and the colonial and the ancient monuments of the place bear ample reflection of the glorious past. One of the most important things to be seen in the city is the Taman Tabanas Gombel in Semarang.

The Taman Tabanas Gombel, Semarang is considered to be a favorite place among all the tourists and the local people alike. The Taman Tabanas Gombel, Semarang is a place atop a hill. The place is all the more a favorite place because the air is refreshing and totally fresh and it helps to rejuvenate the senses. You can get to see the picturesque landscape around and see the dazzling lights of the city.

People also like to enjoy the evening at Taman Tabanas Gombel, Semarang. The place is really relaxing and the view of the harbor as well as the city is really fascinating.

Central Java Grand Mosque Indonesia



Central Java Grand Mosque (MAJT=Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah) which is located in Gajah Raya Street, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia opened at 11 November 2006, now become Moslem pride because the world has known its existence. Not only recognized by Indonesia Moslem but also have been recognized by Moslem in the world. Not a few Islams States Diplomats and Worlds Moslem paying a visit to Central Javas use opportunity intentionally x'self visit MAJT. They confess got stuck with pride of MAJT, the development need time of 5 year, and become place of religious service, education center, public service, activity syiar Islam center, and alternative of religi tour.

Even, almost every day domestic tourist from fatherland angle, especially at red letter day coming to MAJT for seeing beauty of Grand Mosque building. MAJT was built in area of approximately of 10 hectare, with mains building broad 7.669 m2, and can accomodate 15.000 pilgrim. While the width platform of 7.500 m2 provided with six giant umbrella which can open and close automatically like the one in Nabawi Mosque in Madinah town.

This mosque architecture is between Javas, Arab, and Greek architectures.

In right wing building there is auditorium or meeting room capable to accomodating 2.000 pilgrim. While left wing is draw up for library which is design to become modern library (digital library) and rented space for office.

MAJT besides prepared as religious service place, also draw up as a religion tour. For supporting this purpose, MAJT provided with inn with capacities of 23 room chamber various classes so people that wishing spend the night can use this facility.

Other fascination from this mosque is Asmaul Husna Tower or Al Husna Tower with height 99 Meter. Elementary part from this tower there are Studio Radio DaIs (Dakwah Islam). While in 2nd floor and 3rd floor applied as Museum Kebudayaan Islam, and in 18rd floor there are" Moslem Cafe" available to rotate 360 degree. In 19rd floor, which is for see tower is equipped five binoculars which can see Semarang town from above.

MAJT is evaluated from the angle of the architecture is very pride and the building of model bunch principle byword kluster from Mosque Nabawi in Madinah.

Form of appearance of the architecture is new composition model taking from tradition mosque of wali with adding universal patterns of Islam architectures at main building withby uppermost of the main dome provided "minaret" sharp-pointed boost in fourth of the side.

MAJT have concept which translated in tradition candra sengkala. Message in candra sengkala solid in sentence "sucining guna gapuraning gusti" (4391-1934 Java or 2001 year Masehi Miladiyah), mark onset for intention besit to start to build this Java pearl mosque..

Some buildings in areas MAJT have specification specially not owned by other area in Indonesia. For example giant hydraulic umbrella which you can only find in two place, that is Mosque Nabawi and Central Java Grand Mosque.

Tower Asmaul, Husna, which is standing steady in southwest MAJT angle is one of the fascination area . From its, building as high as 99 metre symbolising the name of God concepted as Holy Tower replica. Many visitors which to comes for merely seeing or photograph with in towers MAJT.

Sam Poo Kong Temple In Semarang Central Java Indonesia



Sam Poo Kong temple in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia built in 1416 to honor admiral cheng ho and used for Buddhist worship with Barongsai show and ceremonies.

The Sam Poo Kong temple is not only a shrine, but also opened as a tourism spot in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. It’s easy to locate the temple on Jalan Gedung Batu, Simongan, since it’s situated in the city.

Entering the main temple, you will notice a dragon coiling on top of the gateway. Two sculptures of knights wearing leather headdress with a javelin in hand greet the visitors. Their faces express toughness and determined air of soldiers of the 15th century.

As excerpted from the history wall, Sam Poo was a messenger from China in the sovereignty of the Ming Emperor (1368-1643). He visited Java two times in 1406 and 1416. In the later year he landed at Simongan which was then lying by the sea. The inhabitants of Semarang regarded his mission as a great national event and in honor thereof built the temple.

Several deities are worshipped and sent prayers by the pilgrims. Every table placed in each temple is destined for a holy being. There are The God of the Earth, the guardian of the anchor, the admiral of the ship, The Hoo Ping spirits, The Kong Hu Cu prophet, and another numbers of room for different spirits.

According to the guardian, General Cheng Ho used to be a Moslem. He had traveled to Java, Sumatra, Bengal, Ceylon, Malaya and Arab, and established commercial relationships within those continents. Even so, he did not exactly traveled for a religious mission, but the journey went on as food shortage struck his homeland.

After centuries, the temple is still enlivened by its strong magical atmosphere. Moslem worship does not take place here and people have been using the temple for Buddhism and Kong Hu Cu ceremonies.

Pilgrims come as an exclusive phenomenon. Even though not many arriving every day, the number of the pilgrims increases as some extraordinary ceremonies take place, such as Sam Poo’s Anniversary at the end of July or in the beginning of August; or the Chinese New Year festivity. They come not only from Semarang, but also from Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and other cities in Indonesia.

To various kinds of fortune wishes and foretelling, such as suggestions for one’s business, finding a soulmate, or just praying for one’s luck, three temples in the area serve the visitors in the buildings. All are dressed in red. At the main temple, another brass pot stood on the porch. On the biggest table behind the front pot, some praying utensils such as flags, candles and incense were arrayed. The highest candles were two or two and a half meters high. They were worth two or three million rupiahs; as donation from the pilgrims who gratified for the splendid life Buddha gives them throughout the year.

Some ascetic guardians are so helpful for wishes. In their place where the altars were positioned, people approach with fruits and cakes heaped on a tray. They set them on the table along with flowers and an oil lamp in a bowl, representing the fuel of life. They light incense and send prayers to the other side. The guardians help them praise for the offerings.

Especially on the anniversary celebration of the temple, the amount and kinds of food increase twice as much as before. More carnation buns and ‘wajik’ (sweet cake made of sticky rice) are displayed. More money paper is burnt. More oil and candles are sold.

As the sun sets, sounds of tambourines thumping into the open air on a field across the temple magnetize people who live around. After the pilgrims finish their rituals, the committee will set a stage and place extra lights. The dance and barongsai show will be staging overnight.

Visitors crowd around the showground, and by 8.00 pm. the show starts. A 20-meter-long dragon comes into view, leaps and swirls in motion on the top of 10-meter-high standing pipes, while a number of lads are flapping golden flags below. More than twenty dance shows are performed within two days, in glittering wears and headdresses. The merry environment brings back the affluence of the Chinese art from the past. So don’t let your eyes go heavy, since the show will go on till comes the next break of day.