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If you are a football coach or player (any level) and have a question about the rules, send your question to Curt Johnson at cmajohnson AT charter DOT net. Curt Johnson is a high school and college football official. Please specify NCAA (college) or NFHS (high school) rules in your question. This site also has an introduction to the rules and answers for fans.

Question: Can a cornerback grab a receiver by the jersey with his hands as they are coming off the line of scrimmage? How far downfield can the cornerback run with the receiver doing this?

Answer: No, the cornerback may not grab a receiver--that is holding (10 yard penalty, and under NCAA rules automatic 1st down if a forward pass is thrown). A defender may contact a reciever at the line of scrimmage, but only with a legal blocking technique. And he may continue to block him all the way down the field until the ball is thrown. But when the reciever gets to the same yardline as the defender, the defender must stop blocking him as he is no longer considered a "potential blocker."

Question: I want to run an unbalanced offense with only my guard and tackle on one side and everyone else on the other side. Can I bring both of my tight ends to one side, keep them on the line and still retain their pass eligibility, or do the eligible receivers on the line have to be on each end of the line?

Answer: Pass eligibilty rules apply to who is eligible to CATCH a legal forward pass. The receiver must be eligible by position AND by number. There are up to 6 eligible positions at the snap:

* The 2 players legally on the end of their line
* A player legally in his backfield--up to 4 including the QB

Also, these receivers must be wearing a number other than 50 thru 79 to catch the pass.

Your covered tight end is ineligible by position and your tackle on the end of the line is ineligible by number since he's probably wearing a number from 50-79. My suggestion would be to keep your TE on the end and move your guard or tackle over to where you moved your TE. That way you still have the same unbalanced formation but your TEs can now catch a pass.

one left from ronggowarsito



Ronggowarsito, Semarang is located in JI. Abdulrachman Saleh at the Kalibanteng intersection complex. It consists of four buildings and each consisting of two floors. This is general museum houses different kinds of antiquities, Javanese handicrafts and artworks, photo documentaries, paintings in addition to archaeological and historical characteristics like inscriptions, fossils, heirlooms, statues and Ronggowarsito was the name of a 19th century poet laureate of the Kasunanan Palace of Surakarta. He made anticipation about future codes of conduct in his famous work ‘Serat Kalatidha’ (Javanese). The Ronggowarsito museum houses a huge collection of antic items. There are as many as 8300 items that have been places in the four buildings with two floors. This museum is very favorite with the tourists and the local people here. The Ronggowarsito opens regularly from Tuesday to Sunday from 8 m in the morning to 2 pm in the afternoon. The Ronggowarsito remains closed on Mondays only. So you can check out this museum anytime in the week except Monday. This museum is a must go for the art lovers. The inscriptions tell many things about the past history of Semarang. The antiquities of the Ronggowarsito have been well preserved and well kept. This cultural and art museum speak volumes about the rich culture of Semarang. This national pride of Semarang today is one of the most frequented spot by the travelers.

Ronggowarsito, Semarang is a must go for the visitors in order to know about the rich culture of this city. Ronggowarsito will certainly impress you.

jamu museum



Nyonya Meneer Semarang

Indonesia - Jakarta - Lombok - Semarang - Yogyakarta - Bali
Nyonya Meneer, Semarang is one of the celebrated herbal museums of the Central Java. This popular museum was established on 18th January in the year 1984.This museum is visited by locals and visitors on a regular basis.
The Nyonya Meneer Museum, Semarang was mainly established to honor the works of late Mrs.Nyonya Meneer. This lady used different varieties of herbs to treat some diseases. The herbs used by her for the treatment made the diseases total curable. She used the herbs which were available in Java itself. In the beginning of the 20th century she established the Nyonya Herb Factory in Semarang. The Nyonya Meneer museum allows people to know about the jamu which is a traditional herbal medicine. Moreover, the museum also throws light on the life and works of Nyonya Meneer. The various artifacts displayed in this extremely popular museum relates to the history of jamu. The visitors of the museum can view some of the excellent photographs of Nyonya Meneer. You can also get to know about history of Meneer family. The other attraction of this museum includes personal collection of the famous Nyonya Meneer, tools which were used in making jamu, traditional drinking set. You can also get to know about packaging and advertising which were largely used during the growth of jamu industry. In this museum you can also view of some of the fabulous products which were sold by Nyonya Meneer. You can also get to see excellent selection of herbs in Nyonya Meneer, Semarang.

some semarang hotel



Hotel Ciputra Semarang offers a restaurant, a bar and a lobby lounge, offering large selection of International dishes for both, A la Carte and Buffet during Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Surrounding Location:
Ideally located on Simpang Lima, in the heart of Semarang, the hotel provides easy access to business district, shopping centres or tourism places.
Additional Information:
- Borobudur Temple.........3 hours drive
- Prambanan Temple.........4 hours drive
- Gedong Songo Temple......1.5 hours drive
- Preserved Old City.......15 minutes drive
- Thousand Doors Dutch Building.....10 minutes drive
- Old Blenduk Church.......10 minutes drive
- Mount Merapi.............3 hours drive
- Jepara (Furniture Business District)....2 hours drive
- Yogyakarta/Solo..........2,5 hours drive
Children Guests:
Extra bed at US$ 30. Free of charge for children under 12 years old sharing bed with parent.

Beautiful hotel in a fantastic location, right in the heart of Semarang, though very quiet when inside your room. Facilities are excellent, staff very friendly and helpful and hotel beautifully furnished and maintained. Food was fantastic and rooms very clean and tidy. Will definitely stay again when I come back to Semarang next time.

walk around Simpang Lima



I usually choose travel agency because unlike other options, they are able to pick me up directly from home or anywhere I choose. And when I arrived in Semarang, they also will drop me anywhere I want. So if you are totally blind about your destination, travel agency is a good solution for you. I have 2 favourite travel agency, Sentral Travel and Fortuna Travel (dial 108 to find out their numbers), and this time I only get Sentral Travel for my trip since the other is fully booked. Travelling from Bandung to Semarang took about 8 hours and they picked me around 8:30. So I finally arrived in Semarang around 5 in the morning. There are plenty of time for me before my meeting at 9, so I took a walk around Simpang Lima, the center of Semarang city.

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There are plenty of mini bus (locally called angkot/daihatsu) and medium-sized bus called Damri in the city. These mini bus go to different destinations as follows:

* Damri No.1 Route: Terboyo-Banyumanik. Fare: Rp.6.000
* Damri No.2 Route: Terboyo-Mangkang. Fare: Rp.4.500
* Damri No.5 Route: Johar-Kompleks Perumnas. Rp.5.000

As 2008 Dishub Pemda Semarang operating Damri AC for Rp 5,000

The mini bus has a route travelled written on the top-front of the bus. The route normally written in the form of 'origin-destination' and sometimes with 'via' information if there are more than 1 mini bus ply the same origin-destination but through a different path in between.

For example: Daihatsu Johar-Sampangan, means the origin is from Johar terminal and going to Sampangan and vice-versa. The fares for the mini-bus is around Rp.2000-3000.

Some popular places in Semarang that can be reached by mini bus/bus are:

* Pasar Johar, you need to board Daihatsu with the route Johar-Sampangan.
* ADA Siliwangi Supermarket, you need to board Daihatsu with the route PRPP-Klipang
* Tawang Train Station, Damri No.1 Terboyo-Banyumanik.
* Poncol Station, Daihatsu Semarang-Salatiga.
* Terboyo Bus Terminal, Damri No.1 or Damri No.2.
* Undip (Diponegoro University), Damri No.1 or Damri No.5.

Make sure you ask the conductor/driver of the minibus before you board for the route it goes and whether it pass the place you want to go.
[edit] By taxi

Taxis are very safe and comfortable, and reasonably priced (starting price of Rp4000).

Make sure you understand the route or ask your friend. Make sure the driver use the meter ("argo"). If he refused to use the meter, use other taxis. List of taxi companies:

* Astria, Jl Jatisari 1, Semarang 50235, ☎ 62-24-7460940. edit
* Centris Multipersada, Jl Majapahit 583, ☎ 62-24-6723624. edit
* Kosti, Jl Pamularsih 15, Semarang 50148, ☎ 62-24-7613333. edit
* Pandu Persada Saranamukti, Jl Kaligawe Km 4/46, ☎ 62-24-6591234. edit
* Puri Kencana, Jl Rogojembangan Raya 68, ☎ 62-24-6705050.

relax and have fun at Simpang lima



Simpang Lima is a beautiful park at the center of Semarang, Java. This vast field features malls, restaurant, shops and many cinemas around it. Step out in the evening and you will be part of the hustle and bustle of the busy city. Graze through the never ending market place and indulge in the regular window shopping. Try out the throng of eateries beside Simpang Lima in Semarang. You can choose from the sophisticated restaurants with perfect décor, or just browse through the hordes of small joints and open stall providing you with authentic Javanese dishes and variety of Indonesian delicacies.

The Simpang Lima is an ideal place for an individual to relax and have fun simultaneously. It is a place for enjoyment for all irrespective of class and cast.

Things to do at the Simpang Lima, Semarang:

- In Simpang Lima, Semarang you can enjoy the glamour of city life.
- Go for a morning walk at the Simpang Lima, Semarang, and enjoy the fresh morning breeze.
- You can also go out shopping or window shopping around this park.
- Simpang Lima, Semarang, comes as a sweet relief at the heart of all the city commotion. It is a breather for residents.
- You can also catch a movie or two in the movie halls near the Simpang Lima, Semarang.
- Simpang Lima, Semarang, also means five intersections, and acts as a common ground where in all people of the city come together to enjoy leaving behind all differences.
- Sit back on the green fields and relax. You can also organize a picnic or go on a morning and evening stroll.
- Downtown of Semarang area, Simpang Lima is the place to hit when your heart calls for the city lifestyle.
- You will find cheap and delicious food in the stalls around the Simpang Lima, Semarang. So go for a quick bite at the Simpang Lima, Semarang. If you want to dine in a suave restaurant, Simpang Lima also gives you plenty of options with this regard.

interesting place
is a vast field at the heart of Semarang. At night, we can eat, drink or just bring our self-wandering around Simpang Lima. There are plenty of food stalls offering variety of Indonesian and Javanese food. The price is cheap, sometimes very cheap. It is a square with many shops and cinemas around. In the evening a lot of people are here taking a walk or window-shopping. Early in the morning, people are jogging along the street.

Simpang Lima, the downtown of Semarang area, is probably the best place to stay if we want to enjoy the hustle bustle of the town life. However, if we are looking for tranquility, the hotels around Sisingamangaraja Street, the upscale neighborhood in the hills of Semarang is probably better.

more close to semarang



There is much to learn about Semarang : the place, the climate, the culture and even the people. Semarang is the capital city of Central Java . It is more a commercial center than a city tourists. The Javanese call Semarang ‘the hot city', although over the year it is not measurably hotter than Jakarta . The average yearly temperature is 30º C ( 86 F ) with some, but not much, variation over the course of the year. It's hot and rather humid all year round, but feels better in the rainy season (October to March). The heaviest rains are usually around Jan and Feb. Lightweight cotton clothing is about right for here. Woollen clothing is not needed at all in Semarang , unless you plan to spend time at some of the higher elevations.


Indonesians are polite people. On meeting and leaving it is customary to shake hands with both men and women. A business guest will often be offered and served a drink and it is advisable not to reach for this until the host gestures to do so. It is polite to at least sample the drink or any food offered.

Indonesians are not known for their punctuality, and offence should not be taken if events do not start on time, or if a guest arrives late.

Most of the people in Semarang are Javanese. They are pleasant people; cheerful, unwilling to give offense, or, seemingly, to take offense. Generally, Indonesians prefer to avoid disharmony or conflict and to preserve their own and other people's dignity. They pride themselves on being one of the most refined, polite and cultivated peoples on earth. They make allowances for foreigners, but it is polite to learn how not to offend them.


The following hints regarding Indonesian customs and etiquette may help you feel more at home and save you some embarrassing moments while in Semarang. They are guidelines only, so interpret them according to circumstances.

The left hand is unclean – When offering or receiving something, it is given and accepted with right hand. This includes money, gifts or paper. Also, when eating it is polite to use the right hand. The left hand is considered unclean according to the Islamic tradition (and it sometimes is).

Heads are sensitive and backs are private – Do not touch or pat the heads of others, including children. The hearty slap on the back and a too readily seized shoulder are not particularly appreciated. If some gesture of familiarity is felt necessary, a gentle touch on the elbow is more likely to please.

Respect the diet of others – When planning dinner parties, dietary restrictions should be considered. Moslems do not eat pork and do not drink alcoholic beverages. If either is served, the particular dishes or beverages containing the restricted items should be pointed out. During the fasting month of Ramadhan, it will be wise not to invite a Moslem to lunch. If you are going to invite them to dinner, make it after 7.00 p.m. (after they break their fast).

Dress modestly – Women dress in modest fashion in Indonesia. Women wearing halter, tops, backless dresses or sportshorts may invite negative reactions. Appearance is very important in Indonesia and even occasional lapses are likely to be remembered.

Be careful not to offend – The following are considered offensive: standing with one's hands on one hips is considered a sign of superiority (and anger) and should be avoided; loud voices are often considered offensive; anger is usually not openly expressed (in addition, it is helpful to know that an Indonesian may nod to be polite); public displays of affection (even holding hands) are not appreciated; the following may also cause offense – bringing a dog along when visiting an Indonesian family, pointing, especially at a person's face, and entering mosques and houses of prayer wearing shoes.

Above all be polite: When entering a room or an office, it is customary to acknowledge those present with a nod. When leaving an Indonesian's house, it is considered polite to ask permission to leave. ‘Permisi' is the Indonesian word commonly used.


More than 90% of Indonesians are registered Moslems. The remainder are made up of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and others. In the case of Central Java, while most would tell you they are Moslem, the adat (local religious laws) are dominately influenced by the Javanese culture.
Atheism is strongly associated with communism and so a religious preference is required of all Indonesians.


Semarang has an adequate supply of comfortable homes that meet expatriate standards and needs. The homes are predominately located in the foothills on the south side of town in an area called Candi Baru, others are Bukit Sari, the Marina area (near the harbour) and downtown within say 1-2 km of Simpang Lima where Matahari and Mal Ciputra are located.


Electricity - Most homes have 220 Volt 50 Hertz power. The number of watts available is limited by the capacity of your meter and the quality of your wiring. Power-outages are becoming less common but do occur (especially in the rainy season). They seldom last more than a couple of hours. Keep a supply of candles and a flashlight close by.
Electricity is expensive here. Monthly bills range from Rp. 200,000 – 600,000 for a family house.

Water - Water is probably the biggest problem in many houses here. Many homes are not connected to the city water supply (PAM) and wells are often unpredictable. Most houses do not have overhead tanks for catchment or storage but, instead, have large ground storage tanks (5 to 15 cubic meters) from which the water is pumped on demand by a small electric pump (so there's no water supply during a power cut).