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Beauty and friendliness of Indonesia as a beautiful country that has indeed been widely recognized by the world, you will surely come willingly flock flocked to watch the Miss Universe event which was held in Bali Indonesia.
Bali was chosen because it is a popular tourist destination that may be beauty in the world besides the number one place in the world of other fascinating places.
Why Bali? This dream was so enchanting island of foreign tourists who did much of the world community became a byword. bali that we as a nation that has the island paradise is certainly very proud of this bali.




Percussion is the name for all the techniques of musical instruments at the game in either by hand or stick. In this case some musical instruments belonging to the percussion instruments is, Gamelan, Arumba, Kendang, kolintang, drums, Talempong, tambourine, drum, etc. jimbe.

Gamelan is a musical instrument made of metal. Gamelan from Central Java, DI. Yogyakarta, East Java, West Java is also commonly referred to as Degung and in Bali (Balinese Gamelan). One device consists of gamelan instruments saron, demung, gongs, kenong, slenthem, bonang and several other instruments. Gamelan has pentatonic melodies / pentatonic.

Talempong is the art of Minangkabau traditional music / West Sumatra. Talempong is a diatonic instrument pitched (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do)

Kolintang or kulintang derived from Minahasa / North Sulawesi. Kolintang have diatonic scales / of all the diatonic instrument consists of bass, melodic and rhythmic. Basic ingredients for making kulintang is wood. The way to play this instrument by using a stick at.

Arumba (bamboo strains) came from West Java. Arumba is a musical instrument made of bamboo bhan on playing with melodic and rhythmic. At first arumba use pentatonic scales, but in its development using diatonic scales.

Kendang is a kind of percussion instrument that membrane derived from animal skin. Kendang or drum can be found in many parts of Indonesia. Kendang West Java has an important peraanan in Jaipong dance. In Central Java, Bali, Yogyakarta, East Java drums used in the game is always good to accompany the gamelan, dance, puppets, ketoprak. Tifa is a kind of percussion instrument that can be encountered in the area of Papua, Maluku and Nias. Drum is a drum type bervariasai size of a small to large. Tambourine is a common instrument in use in Islamic art bernafaskan. Tambourine can be met almost in parts of Indonesia.

various attractions of salatiga



Top Three Places Tour Complete Salatiga
ALTHOUGH still under planning stage, Salatiga municipal government believes may soon realize the three new tourist attraction in order to attract tourists visit. The third tour is the object Religious Tourism Park (TWR) and Park Salatiga (TWS) in Kelurahan Kecamatan Sidorejo Bugel, and Culinary Tourism in the former Terminal Sokka Salatiga.

Head of Transport Department of Communication Culture and Tourism (Dishubkombudpar) Cholil Drs Salatiga Asad said, the three objects that tourism is still in the planning. Expected to be realized so as to support various attractions in the city of Salatiga. "We really hope that the development of more complete tour of the new tourist attraction," said Cholil as DPD Rakerda Association Travel Agency (ASITA) in Central Java, on Wednesday (3 / 2) ago.

Salatiga previously have had various culinary tour spread over a number of places. Then the inscription pilgrimage tour of District Kauman Plumpungan Sidorejo Kidul District, Ki Hajar Pesarean Sampoerna in Hamlet Randuacir District Sub-District Sugihwaras Argomulyo, Dreamland Atlantic family tourism, bathing Kalitaman, Camping Ground and the White Cross inn, and others.

Brochure Spread

Admittedly there are many more tourist objects that can be visited by tourists. During this campaign was done by spreading a variety of brochures and tourist guides available. But still need the help of various parties including ASITA to be introduced to the community through networking ASITA owned Central Java.

In the present Chairman Rakerda Asita Java Fatkurromah SH and opened by Secretary Drs Agus Rudianto MM's, also attended by representatives PHRI, Organda, and a number of agencies. Raker opened Secretary Drs Agus Salatiga Rudianto MM, it is also filled presentation Professional Certification Institute of Tourism in Central Java. ASITA also reported on the activities and finances as well as discussion of 2010 work program.

Long way to Heaven



The doors of Heaven tourist attraction is a giant oval hole on the top of Tianmen Mountain, (1518 meters above sea level) Zhanjiajie City, Hunan Province, China. With beautiful natural scenery covered with snow, now began to open to foreign tourists, especially to Asia including Indonesia.

Area Door of Heaven is a tourist attraction that could be considered "new". Just opened in Zhangjiajie in 2001, but has received high attention from domestic and foreign tourists, but it's also one seed in this city.

Doors of Heaven in the form of an oval hole pointing upward, with a high measure of 131.5 meters, 57 meters wide and the depth reaches 60 meters. The mouth is the door through the top of the mountain, which looks like a beautiful giant hole.

To go to these locations can use the cable car to the track to climb as far as 7.3 kilometers traveled about a half hour drive.

Throughout the trip with a rode a cable car, tourists will pass through the tops of the long line of snowy mountains that are always in the winter. Previous first pass through the villages and the rice field and vegetable garden so wide and looks verdant.

Heaven's Door hole also was able to be reached on foot up the tens of thousands of steps on the slopes of rocky mountains. Also also, have completed a new roadway that directly approaching the peak. Because across the mountains, the new road was filled with sharp turn conditions on the steep ravine.

Therefore, especially in winter road forbidden to pass the car door to Heaven, because the condition of the roads covered with snow is certain to become very slippery which can result in fatal accidents.

Therefore, more advisable in winter, visitors to the site by using the cable car one way to contain up to 20 people per unit train. Cable car route that will pass through the beautiful scenery and fascinating journey along the rope hanging on the rail along the 7.3 kilometers.

Not Just Diving



Although diving and snorkelling in Bunaken are the main activities at LUMBALUMBA DIVING, we have more to offer:

-Active volcano hikes.
-Cultural land tours.
-Rain forest excursions.
-White water rafting.
-Horse back riding.

North Sulawesi is known as The Land of Smiling People and lies in the very epicentre of the world's marine biodiversity in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. It offers more than 100 different dive sites, all rich with tropical marine life, with diving all year round. It is also very easy to get to, with direct flights from Singapore 3-4 times a week, depending on the season.

There are three dive areas to choose from. The first area is the clear waters of the Bunaken National Marine Park which was voted the global winner of British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Award in 2003. The amazing walls of the park teams with thousands of different fish species, with huge sponges and beautiful hard corals, and countless number of fascinating critters.

The second area on the other side of the mainland is Lembeh Strait, and it is known as the world's best ‘muck-diving'. These waters are full of extraordinary marine critters, many of which are the masters of camouflage.

Between the diving you can visit the area's other attractions. These include the bustling city of Manado, the lush vegetable gardens of the Minahasa highlands and the tropical jungles in Tangkoko Nature Reserve.

This web site is supported by the North Sulawesi Watersports Association, the local environmental organization participating in the protection of this unique part of Sulawesi. All the resorts listed here are active members of this association, and there is a wide range of facilities available from 5-star accommodation to beach-side cottages. They all have one thing in common, they offer eco-friendly dive services and facilities.

Nice place for holiday



Be relaxed beach when we have a situation in which drab everyday life is very necessary. in order to get an idea as a way out of the business or any matter in this way try to find the beach to enjoy the beach air inhaled it. maybe a good place and has many facilities that complete one of the best in Boothbay Harbor.
Equipped than adequate facilities is a very suitable place for a holiday the whole family, Boothbay Harbor Maine Additionally are places to fishing yacht rental that allows you to sail all day and too luxurious lodging facilities.
You also will be spoiled with views directly overlooking the beach when you stay at Boothbay Harbor Hotels. of accommodation and so relatively easy to reach because all transportation is adequate.

Rinjani National Park



Rinjani Mountain National Park ( 3,726m )
There over 20 villages surround Mt. Rinjani and there are many routes up the mountain, but the main access is from Senaru in the north and Sembalun Lawang to the east. The challenging three-day Rinjani Trek route from Senaru to the crater rim (Plawangan), down to the stunning crater lake then on to Sembalun Lawang, is considered one of the best treks in South East Asia. Those heading for the summit usually prefer to start in Sembalun Lawang.

A model for ecotourism in Indonesia, the community-based activities are focused on the Rinjani Trek Centre in Senaru, the most popular starting point for the tough trek.

Developed with New Zealand Government assistance since 1999, the Rinjani Trek Centre embodies under one roof (satu atap) the unique partnership of the National Park, tourism industry and local communities that has been forged to manage and protect the Rinjani mountain environment.

Gunung Rinjani National Park lies within the major transition zone (Wallacea) where the flora and fauna of South East Asia makes a dramatic transition into that which is typical of Australasia. The Park has a rich variety of plants and animals, although they can be hard to spot due to the terrain and rainforest cover.
Sometimes seen early in the mornings is the rare black Ebony leaf monkey, known locally as Lutung.

The Long tailed grey macaque or Kera is common in Lombok and older males are seen on the crater rim.

Rusa deer are forest dwellers and are occasionally seen along the Rinjani trek trail.

The smaller Barking deer or Kijang has an alarm call with a distinct dog-like bark. Look for the disturbed ground where the Wild pig or Babi hutan has been foraging. Also found in the forest is the Leopard cat or Bodok alas, Palm civet or Ujat and Porcupine or Landak.

A variety of colourful birds live in the forests of the Park. Perhaps the best-known icon of the Park is the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo that is not found any further west of Lombok.

Many of the forest-dwelling animals, insects, birds, civets and monkeys owe their survival to the wild fig tree or Beringin as a provider of food and shelter.

The pine-like Casuarina species, Cemara, are a feature of the grassy higher slopes.

Orchids or Anggrek are also a feature of the grassland areas, as is Edelweiss or Bunga Abadi growing above the tree line; it is a beautiful icon of the Park and one of our best-known sub-alpine plants.

interesting place



As the largest city in the region, Manado is an important tourist place for visitors. Ecotourism is the biggest attraction of Manado. Scuba diving and snorkelling on the island of Bunaken is also a popular attraction. Another interesting place is Lake Tondano, Mount Lokon, Mountain and Mount Mahawu Klabat.

Over the past two decades, tourism activities rapidly grew into one of the economic mainstay of the city. Belle tourism city of Manado North Sulawesi province and even the Bunaken National Park, which by some people referred to as one of the most beautiful marine park in the world. Bunaken Marine Park is one of a number of nature conservation areas or national parks in Indonesia. Bunaken Marine Park famous by the formation of extensive coral reefs and beautiful that is often used as dive sites by foreign tourists. Bunaken Island is one of the 5 islands spread a few miles from the coast of Manado City. Its location is only about 8 km from the mainland city of Manado, and can be completed in about a half to 2 hours, causing the National Park is easily visited.

Another tourist attraction that stands out in the city of Manado is Ban Hin Kiong temple in the City Center area that was built in the early 19th century and restored in 1970. This Shrine is located at Jalan Panjaitan. This pagoda consists of buildings are decorated with carvings dragon and flaming wooden stick. The best time to visit this temple is at the Lunar New Year, when Tionghoa dipertunjukkannya traditional dances. Also at the time of arrival of the traditional parade of Indonesians, Tai Pei Kong, who came from the 14th century. The event is the festival "Taoist" the largest annual held in Southeast Asia, which took travelers from Japan and other countries. Other tourist sites are also the State Museum of North Sulawesi, and Monument (Memorial) Second World War.

A monument which was inaugurated in late 2007 and became the new icon of Manado city is Jesus Blessing Monument. The building was erected on the hill in the housing Citraland Manado and has a height of 50 meters above the ground. Building initiated by Ir. Ciputra is a monument of Jesus Christ is the highest in Asia and the second in the world after Christ the Redeemer.

In addition to objects that attract tourism, one of the benefits of tourism, the city of Manado is the strategic location to tourist objects in the hinterland, especially in Minahasa, which can be reached within 1 to 3 hours from the city of Manado. Tourism objects are, among others, Vulcano Area in Tomohon, Village Agriwisata Rurukan-Tomohon, mountains and Lake Panorama Tondano, Stone Pinabetengan and Waruga in Sawangan.

Because of the huge tourism potential that the tourism industry in the city of Manado has been increasingly growing and developing, among others characterized by a number of hotels and other supporting facilities. Until the end of 2001, there were 67 pieces of hotel / lodging, travel agency 15 fruit, 223 fruit of restaurants and restaurants of various classes.

Therefore although quite unaffected by the economic crisis and the national situation less conducive, but tourism in the city of Manado continue. In 1998 the visit of foreign tourists is 34,509 people, to 11,538 people in 2000 and slightly increased in 2001 to 12,301 people. While tourists Nusantara in 1998 amounted to 432,993 people, then decreased to 279,014 people in 2000 and the last in 2001 slightly increased to 291,037 people.

security solutions



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Nyai Rara Kidul



is a tourist place of the Indian Ocean coastal beaches are located approximately 25 miles south of town is a tourist attraction Yogyakarta.Parangtritis quite popular in Yogyakarta in addition to other objects such as Samas beach, Baron, Kukup Krakal and Glagah Beach. Parangtritis has unique scenery that is not in the other tourist attractions besides the big waves are also the mountain - the frequency dunes around the coast, these dunes called Gumuk. This tourism object is managed by the local government of Bantul pretty well, ranging from lodging facilities as well as souvenir markets offering typical South '. In addition there is bathhouse called wedang machete in the bath water is said to cure various diseases including skin diseases, water from the bath containing sulfur from the mountian at these locations. Another location is the beach kusumo machetes on the beach where there is supposedly for a meeting place between the king with a queen jogjakarta southern ocean. On certain days (usually months suro) here is offering offerings (Labuhan) for the Queen of the South Sea or in the Java language called Nyai Rara Kidul. Locals believe that a person is forbidden to use green colored clothes when they're on this coast. Parangtritis beach into a major tourist visits, especially in the Javanese New Year's Eve (1 sacred / Suro). In Parangtritis there is also horse-drawn carriage or a horse that can be rented for up the coast from east to west.

Parangtritis, the Most Popular Beach in Yogyakarta


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Parangtritis beach is one beach that must be visited, not just because it is the most popular beach in Yogyakarta, but also has a close relationship with various other tourist attractions, such as the Sultan's Palace, Beach Parangkusumo and Merapi area. The beach is located 27 kilometers from the city center is also part of the power of Ratu Kidul.

Naming Parangtritis has its own historicity. It is said that someone named Dipokusumo who are fugitives from the kingdom of Majapahit came to this area hundreds of years ago to do meditation. When he saw droplets of water that flows from the rock cracks, he was named the area became South ', from the machete (= stone) and tumaritis (= drop of water). The beach is located in the area was eventually named the same.

Parangtritis beach is a beach full of myth, believed to be a manifestation of the unity of the trinity consisting of Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta Kingdom and Parangtritis. This beach is also believed to be the meeting place Panembahan Senopati with Sunan Kalijaga shortly after completion through meditation. In the meeting, Senopati reminded to remain humble as though a supernatural ruler.

The primary attraction of this beach. Enjoy the natural view the most important. Natural charm that can diintip from various locations and how that landscape is more varied views and you also have a different experience. If you are standing on the edge of beaches, natural charm that seems a sea view are immense with the harsh waves and high cliffs on the east.

To enjoy it, you can simply walk from east to west and looking toward the south. In addition, you can also hire gig that will take you through the same route without fatigue. There are also offers horseback riding to explore the beach. The cost, you can discuss with the tenant services.

After enjoying the view from the shore Parangtritis, you can go to the Cave Langse for a different experience. On the dirt road to the Cave Langse, you can look west and see the beauty of others Parangtritis. Large ocean waves toward shore to see the silver sunlight, and will be colored to resemble gold when the sun began to blush, or at dusk. This exotic scenery YogYES had enjoyed while visiting a few days ago.

Satisfied with landscapes you can enjoy the experience of other attractions to the historic sites located around Parangtritis Beach. One of them is the tomb of Sheikh Bela Belu located on the road to the beach. You can go through the steps of a highway connecting with the sacred hill where the tomb is. Generally, many pilgrims came on Tuesday kliwon.

Finished visiting the tomb, you can challenge yourself to go Langse Cave, a cave to be within walking distance as far as 3 km and the 400-meter-high cliff with a slope angle is almost 900. To enter the cave which is also often referred to as the Queen of the South Cave, you must request permission in advance the key interpreter. According to one of the guards in Depok Beach when young often down the cave, you can see the view of the southern ocean is more beautiful then successfully entered the cave.

5 on 5 in a calendar month of the Chinese, you can see the procession ceremony in Parangtritis Duanwu Festival. Duanwu Festival, comes from the word meaning Peh oar and poisonous, which means boat, is a form of thanksgiving to God Tioghoa community. The festival is also meant to commemorate Khut Gwan (Yuan Qi), a patriot and as well as ministers in the kingdom known loyalty to the king until he was vilified by his colleagues and chose suicide.

Duanwu Festival Celebration in Parangtritis considered unique because it is not filled with the attraction of rowing a boat decorated with a dragon like in other places, but with the attraction of egg stand. Attractions began at around 11:00 and peaked at 12:00. At noon, according to the trust, the egg can stand upright without supported. However, once entered at 13.00, the eggs will fall by itself and can not be established anymore.

To achieve Parangtritis, you can choose two routes. First, the route of Yogyakarta - Imogiri - Siluk - Parangtritis offering spectacular river and mountain rocks. Second, through the route of Yogyakarta - Parangtritis that can be done with due mdah relatively good roads. Recommended, you do not wear green to honor local residents who believed that green dress could bring disaster.