Tabanas Park ( Taman Tabanas ) Gombel Semarang Central Java Indonesia


The city of Semarang is the capital of Central Java. It is the center for both administration and trade and most of the offices, the industrial estates, the business centers and innumerable beautiful gardens beautify the city. The city dates back to the 15th to the 18th century and the colonial and the ancient monuments of the place bear ample reflection of the glorious past. One of the most important things to be seen in the city is the Taman Tabanas Gombel in Semarang.

The Taman Tabanas Gombel, Semarang is considered to be a favorite place among all the tourists and the local people alike. The Taman Tabanas Gombel, Semarang is a place top a hill. The place is all the more a favorite place because the air is refreshing and totally fresh and it helps to rejuvenate the senses. You can get to see the picturesque landscape around and see the dazzling lights of the city.

People also like to enjoy the evening at Taman Tabanas Gombel, Semarang. The place is really relaxing and the view of the harbor as well as the city is really fascinating.

Garden residing in this Gombel zoom is known as Tabanas garden in platform of front. As hilly area, this area more coldly from Semarang under side and from here we can enjoy view of town under side. Around this many standing restaurants and hotel.

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