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The English Tourism Council (prior to 1999 the English Tourist Board) was the tourist board for England. In 2003 it merged with the British Tourist Authority to form VisitBritain.

For marketing purposes England is now served by an official website called EnjoyEngland. Its stated mission is: "to grow the value of the domestic tourism market by encouraging people to spend more on tourism throughout the English regions, throughout the year.

Here you will find a wealth of information about Greenland as a tourist destination and as a country that is ideal for investment. Greenland Tourism & Business Council is 100%-owned by the Government of Greenland and works to generate growth by developing knowledge, entrepreneurship and marketing of the country’s adventures and resources.

Read about the attractions and adventures that Greenland can offer you as a tourist, get inspiration and practical information which you can use when planning your trip to the country, such as maps of Greenland and suggestions for overnight accommodation.

Read about Greenland’s fascinating culture and spectacular nature, and see the various travel offers on cruise holidays and other exciting package tours. You even have the opportunity to make your own personal travel book on the website.

If you are looking for information about business opportunities in Greenland, you will find this information under the tab ‘Business & Investment’.

If you are interested in learning about what is available with regard to holding meetings and organising incentive trips to Greenland, then you should visit our MICE section.

As a tour operator/agent or member of the press, you will find useful information about the Greenlandic travel industry, as well as options and conditions in connection with press trips under the tab ‘Press & Agents’.

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