Parangtritis, the Most Popular Beach in Yogyakarta

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Parangtritis beach is one beach that must be visited, not just because it is the most popular beach in Yogyakarta, but also has a close relationship with various other tourist attractions, such as the Sultan's Palace, Beach Parangkusumo and Merapi area. The beach is located 27 kilometers from the city center is also part of the power of Ratu Kidul.

Naming Parangtritis has its own historicity. It is said that someone named Dipokusumo who are fugitives from the kingdom of Majapahit came to this area hundreds of years ago to do meditation. When he saw droplets of water that flows from the rock cracks, he was named the area became South ', from the machete (= stone) and tumaritis (= drop of water). The beach is located in the area was eventually named the same.

Parangtritis beach is a beach full of myth, believed to be a manifestation of the unity of the trinity consisting of Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta Kingdom and Parangtritis. This beach is also believed to be the meeting place Panembahan Senopati with Sunan Kalijaga shortly after completion through meditation. In the meeting, Senopati reminded to remain humble as though a supernatural ruler.

The primary attraction of this beach. Enjoy the natural view the most important. Natural charm that can diintip from various locations and how that landscape is more varied views and you also have a different experience. If you are standing on the edge of beaches, natural charm that seems a sea view are immense with the harsh waves and high cliffs on the east.

To enjoy it, you can simply walk from east to west and looking toward the south. In addition, you can also hire gig that will take you through the same route without fatigue. There are also offers horseback riding to explore the beach. The cost, you can discuss with the tenant services.

After enjoying the view from the shore Parangtritis, you can go to the Cave Langse for a different experience. On the dirt road to the Cave Langse, you can look west and see the beauty of others Parangtritis. Large ocean waves toward shore to see the silver sunlight, and will be colored to resemble gold when the sun began to blush, or at dusk. This exotic scenery YogYES had enjoyed while visiting a few days ago.

Satisfied with landscapes you can enjoy the experience of other attractions to the historic sites located around Parangtritis Beach. One of them is the tomb of Sheikh Bela Belu located on the road to the beach. You can go through the steps of a highway connecting with the sacred hill where the tomb is. Generally, many pilgrims came on Tuesday kliwon.

Finished visiting the tomb, you can challenge yourself to go Langse Cave, a cave to be within walking distance as far as 3 km and the 400-meter-high cliff with a slope angle is almost 900. To enter the cave which is also often referred to as the Queen of the South Cave, you must request permission in advance the key interpreter. According to one of the guards in Depok Beach when young often down the cave, you can see the view of the southern ocean is more beautiful then successfully entered the cave.

5 on 5 in a calendar month of the Chinese, you can see the procession ceremony in Parangtritis Duanwu Festival. Duanwu Festival, comes from the word meaning Peh oar and poisonous, which means boat, is a form of thanksgiving to God Tioghoa community. The festival is also meant to commemorate Khut Gwan (Yuan Qi), a patriot and as well as ministers in the kingdom known loyalty to the king until he was vilified by his colleagues and chose suicide.

Duanwu Festival Celebration in Parangtritis considered unique because it is not filled with the attraction of rowing a boat decorated with a dragon like in other places, but with the attraction of egg stand. Attractions began at around 11:00 and peaked at 12:00. At noon, according to the trust, the egg can stand upright without supported. However, once entered at 13.00, the eggs will fall by itself and can not be established anymore.

To achieve Parangtritis, you can choose two routes. First, the route of Yogyakarta - Imogiri - Siluk - Parangtritis offering spectacular river and mountain rocks. Second, through the route of Yogyakarta - Parangtritis that can be done with due mdah relatively good roads. Recommended, you do not wear green to honor local residents who believed that green dress could bring disaster.

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