Percussion is the name for all the techniques of musical instruments at the game in either by hand or stick. In this case some musical instruments belonging to the percussion instruments is, Gamelan, Arumba, Kendang, kolintang, drums, Talempong, tambourine, drum, etc. jimbe.

Gamelan is a musical instrument made of metal. Gamelan from Central Java, DI. Yogyakarta, East Java, West Java is also commonly referred to as Degung and in Bali (Balinese Gamelan). One device consists of gamelan instruments saron, demung, gongs, kenong, slenthem, bonang and several other instruments. Gamelan has pentatonic melodies / pentatonic.

Talempong is the art of Minangkabau traditional music / West Sumatra. Talempong is a diatonic instrument pitched (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do)

Kolintang or kulintang derived from Minahasa / North Sulawesi. Kolintang have diatonic scales / of all the diatonic instrument consists of bass, melodic and rhythmic. Basic ingredients for making kulintang is wood. The way to play this instrument by using a stick at.

Arumba (bamboo strains) came from West Java. Arumba is a musical instrument made of bamboo bhan on playing with melodic and rhythmic. At first arumba use pentatonic scales, but in its development using diatonic scales.

Kendang is a kind of percussion instrument that membrane derived from animal skin. Kendang or drum can be found in many parts of Indonesia. Kendang West Java has an important peraanan in Jaipong dance. In Central Java, Bali, Yogyakarta, East Java drums used in the game is always good to accompany the gamelan, dance, puppets, ketoprak. Tifa is a kind of percussion instrument that can be encountered in the area of Papua, Maluku and Nias. Drum is a drum type bervariasai size of a small to large. Tambourine is a common instrument in use in Islamic art bernafaskan. Tambourine can be met almost in parts of Indonesia.

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