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Top Three Places Tour Complete Salatiga
ALTHOUGH still under planning stage, Salatiga municipal government believes may soon realize the three new tourist attraction in order to attract tourists visit. The third tour is the object Religious Tourism Park (TWR) and Park Salatiga (TWS) in Kelurahan Kecamatan Sidorejo Bugel, and Culinary Tourism in the former Terminal Sokka Salatiga.

Head of Transport Department of Communication Culture and Tourism (Dishubkombudpar) Cholil Drs Salatiga Asad said, the three objects that tourism is still in the planning. Expected to be realized so as to support various attractions in the city of Salatiga. "We really hope that the development of more complete tour of the new tourist attraction," said Cholil as DPD Rakerda Association Travel Agency (ASITA) in Central Java, on Wednesday (3 / 2) ago.

Salatiga previously have had various culinary tour spread over a number of places. Then the inscription pilgrimage tour of District Kauman Plumpungan Sidorejo Kidul District, Ki Hajar Pesarean Sampoerna in Hamlet Randuacir District Sub-District Sugihwaras Argomulyo, Dreamland Atlantic family tourism, bathing Kalitaman, Camping Ground and the White Cross inn, and others.

Brochure Spread

Admittedly there are many more tourist objects that can be visited by tourists. During this campaign was done by spreading a variety of brochures and tourist guides available. But still need the help of various parties including ASITA to be introduced to the community through networking ASITA owned Central Java.

In the present Chairman Rakerda Asita Java Fatkurromah SH and opened by Secretary Drs Agus Rudianto MM's, also attended by representatives PHRI, Organda, and a number of agencies. Raker opened Secretary Drs Agus Salatiga Rudianto MM, it is also filled presentation Professional Certification Institute of Tourism in Central Java. ASITA also reported on the activities and finances as well as discussion of 2010 work program.

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