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Ronggowarsito, Semarang is located in JI. Abdulrachman Saleh at the Kalibanteng intersection complex. It consists of four buildings and each consisting of two floors. This is general museum houses different kinds of antiquities, Javanese handicrafts and artworks, photo documentaries, paintings in addition to archaeological and historical characteristics like inscriptions, fossils, heirlooms, statues and Ronggowarsito was the name of a 19th century poet laureate of the Kasunanan Palace of Surakarta. He made anticipation about future codes of conduct in his famous work ‘Serat Kalatidha’ (Javanese). The Ronggowarsito museum houses a huge collection of antic items. There are as many as 8300 items that have been places in the four buildings with two floors. This museum is very favorite with the tourists and the local people here. The Ronggowarsito opens regularly from Tuesday to Sunday from 8 m in the morning to 2 pm in the afternoon. The Ronggowarsito remains closed on Mondays only. So you can check out this museum anytime in the week except Monday. This museum is a must go for the art lovers. The inscriptions tell many things about the past history of Semarang. The antiquities of the Ronggowarsito have been well preserved and well kept. This cultural and art museum speak volumes about the rich culture of Semarang. This national pride of Semarang today is one of the most frequented spot by the travelers.

Ronggowarsito, Semarang is a must go for the visitors in order to know about the rich culture of this city. Ronggowarsito will certainly impress you.

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