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Nyonya Meneer Semarang

Indonesia - Jakarta - Lombok - Semarang - Yogyakarta - Bali
Nyonya Meneer, Semarang is one of the celebrated herbal museums of the Central Java. This popular museum was established on 18th January in the year 1984.This museum is visited by locals and visitors on a regular basis.
The Nyonya Meneer Museum, Semarang was mainly established to honor the works of late Mrs.Nyonya Meneer. This lady used different varieties of herbs to treat some diseases. The herbs used by her for the treatment made the diseases total curable. She used the herbs which were available in Java itself. In the beginning of the 20th century she established the Nyonya Herb Factory in Semarang. The Nyonya Meneer museum allows people to know about the jamu which is a traditional herbal medicine. Moreover, the museum also throws light on the life and works of Nyonya Meneer. The various artifacts displayed in this extremely popular museum relates to the history of jamu. The visitors of the museum can view some of the excellent photographs of Nyonya Meneer. You can also get to know about history of Meneer family. The other attraction of this museum includes personal collection of the famous Nyonya Meneer, tools which were used in making jamu, traditional drinking set. You can also get to know about packaging and advertising which were largely used during the growth of jamu industry. In this museum you can also view of some of the fabulous products which were sold by Nyonya Meneer. You can also get to see excellent selection of herbs in Nyonya Meneer, Semarang.

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