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There are plenty of mini bus (locally called angkot/daihatsu) and medium-sized bus called Damri in the city. These mini bus go to different destinations as follows:

* Damri No.1 Route: Terboyo-Banyumanik. Fare: Rp.6.000
* Damri No.2 Route: Terboyo-Mangkang. Fare: Rp.4.500
* Damri No.5 Route: Johar-Kompleks Perumnas. Rp.5.000

As 2008 Dishub Pemda Semarang operating Damri AC for Rp 5,000

The mini bus has a route travelled written on the top-front of the bus. The route normally written in the form of 'origin-destination' and sometimes with 'via' information if there are more than 1 mini bus ply the same origin-destination but through a different path in between.

For example: Daihatsu Johar-Sampangan, means the origin is from Johar terminal and going to Sampangan and vice-versa. The fares for the mini-bus is around Rp.2000-3000.

Some popular places in Semarang that can be reached by mini bus/bus are:

* Pasar Johar, you need to board Daihatsu with the route Johar-Sampangan.
* ADA Siliwangi Supermarket, you need to board Daihatsu with the route PRPP-Klipang
* Tawang Train Station, Damri No.1 Terboyo-Banyumanik.
* Poncol Station, Daihatsu Semarang-Salatiga.
* Terboyo Bus Terminal, Damri No.1 or Damri No.2.
* Undip (Diponegoro University), Damri No.1 or Damri No.5.

Make sure you ask the conductor/driver of the minibus before you board for the route it goes and whether it pass the place you want to go.
[edit] By taxi

Taxis are very safe and comfortable, and reasonably priced (starting price of Rp4000).

Make sure you understand the route or ask your friend. Make sure the driver use the meter ("argo"). If he refused to use the meter, use other taxis. List of taxi companies:

* Astria, Jl Jatisari 1, Semarang 50235, ☎ 62-24-7460940. edit
* Centris Multipersada, Jl Majapahit 583, ☎ 62-24-6723624. edit
* Kosti, Jl Pamularsih 15, Semarang 50148, ☎ 62-24-7613333. edit
* Pandu Persada Saranamukti, Jl Kaligawe Km 4/46, ☎ 62-24-6591234. edit
* Puri Kencana, Jl Rogojembangan Raya 68, ☎ 62-24-6705050.

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