relax and have fun at Simpang lima


Simpang Lima is a beautiful park at the center of Semarang, Java. This vast field features malls, restaurant, shops and many cinemas around it. Step out in the evening and you will be part of the hustle and bustle of the busy city. Graze through the never ending market place and indulge in the regular window shopping. Try out the throng of eateries beside Simpang Lima in Semarang. You can choose from the sophisticated restaurants with perfect d├ęcor, or just browse through the hordes of small joints and open stall providing you with authentic Javanese dishes and variety of Indonesian delicacies.

The Simpang Lima is an ideal place for an individual to relax and have fun simultaneously. It is a place for enjoyment for all irrespective of class and cast.

Things to do at the Simpang Lima, Semarang:

- In Simpang Lima, Semarang you can enjoy the glamour of city life.
- Go for a morning walk at the Simpang Lima, Semarang, and enjoy the fresh morning breeze.
- You can also go out shopping or window shopping around this park.
- Simpang Lima, Semarang, comes as a sweet relief at the heart of all the city commotion. It is a breather for residents.
- You can also catch a movie or two in the movie halls near the Simpang Lima, Semarang.
- Simpang Lima, Semarang, also means five intersections, and acts as a common ground where in all people of the city come together to enjoy leaving behind all differences.
- Sit back on the green fields and relax. You can also organize a picnic or go on a morning and evening stroll.
- Downtown of Semarang area, Simpang Lima is the place to hit when your heart calls for the city lifestyle.
- You will find cheap and delicious food in the stalls around the Simpang Lima, Semarang. So go for a quick bite at the Simpang Lima, Semarang. If you want to dine in a suave restaurant, Simpang Lima also gives you plenty of options with this regard.

interesting place
is a vast field at the heart of Semarang. At night, we can eat, drink or just bring our self-wandering around Simpang Lima. There are plenty of food stalls offering variety of Indonesian and Javanese food. The price is cheap, sometimes very cheap. It is a square with many shops and cinemas around. In the evening a lot of people are here taking a walk or window-shopping. Early in the morning, people are jogging along the street.

Simpang Lima, the downtown of Semarang area, is probably the best place to stay if we want to enjoy the hustle bustle of the town life. However, if we are looking for tranquility, the hotels around Sisingamangaraja Street, the upscale neighborhood in the hills of Semarang is probably better.

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