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Resting at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula is the island city-state - Singapore. The country was known in the past by the name ‘Temasek’, which means sea in Javanese as well as by ‘Singapura’ given by prince Sang Nila Utama of Sri Vijaya Empire, which means the city of Lion in Sanskrit.

One of the key attractions in Singapore is its lifeline – the Singapore River, which is 11km in length. The river originates from the Central Area in the south of the country, where its proximate areas have become a commercial hub.

Raffles Landing Site lies in close proximity to the Boat Quay. Here you will be enlightened about Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles (1781 -1826) and his development works converting the tranquil Singapore River into a bustling trading outpost and lifeline for traders traveling between India and China.

Due to the intense surge of traffic over the years since 1880s, the river faced a grave situation of pollution. By October 1977 an act was submitted to the premier for cleansing the river. About a decade later the massive purification and development project came to an end under the jurisdiction of the Urban Redevelopment Authority, encompassing the areas of Singapore River and the Kallang basin.

The construction of the river-wall and the 6km promenade were implemented during this time. The best part is the facelift that was given to the surrounding area, converting the bustling lifeline into an appealing residential, recreational and entertainment areas straddling the Singapore River.

There are many old quays turned into entertainment zones that come to life during evenings, such as Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay among others. You can relish their psychedelic neon lights, thematic cafes and restaurants offering delectable cuisines, along with wine bars offering quality beer from the finest breweries besides the pubs and clubs hosting an array of exciting events. Cruise along the river on ‘tongkangs’ (bum-boats) and also shop to your heart’s content at shop-houses, retail shops and specialty shops packed with souvenirs and other items.

Other attractions worth exploring are the Alkaff Bridge, which was meticulously painted by an artist and a group of rope specialists. The historical Elgin Bridge was the first to be built across Singapore River linking the southern Chinese community and the northern Indian merchants. The 260m long Esplanade Bridge features seven low level arches along with a four-lane roadway and wide walkways.

If you are looking for accommodation in Singapore, you can choose from a wide array of Singapore hotels spanning from budget to luxury rates offering numerous facilities for a comfortable stay. Take a pick from a Singapore hotel sited in the river district, overlooking the scenic historical Singapore River and its vibrant entertainment zones straddling on its either sides.
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