Hotel Resort


Planning and design of a Hotel Resort should be in accordance with the climate and location of development. In Indonesia, especially in the area packed the cooler and away from air pollution and sound pollution has a tropical climate, so it is suitable Tropical Architecture planning and design for the Resort Hotel, but do not close the possibility to make the planning and design of Hotel Resort with other architectural features.

The existence of a Hotel Resort is expected to be one of the solutions for the people of Jakarta who lives and well-being and comfort of a sport be difficult in the middle of Jakarta.

The Resort
Resort is a place tingga changes for a while for someone outside the residence with the purpose of, among others, to get fresh life and sport and the desire you want to know something. Can also be associated with related interests kegiata sports, health, conventions, religious and other business purposes. (Director General of Tourism, India Tourism Soil water, pp. 13, November, 1988)

Is a health resort in the summer, the beach / in the mountains a lot of experience. (John M. Echols, Kamus English-Indonesia, Gramedia, Jakarta, 1987)

Resort is the place where tourism or recreation that often visit people where visitors come to enjoy the natural potential. (AS Hornby, Oxford Leaner's Dictionary of Current English, Oxford University Press, 1974)

Resort is a place where stay has facilities for leisure activities and berolah sport such as tennis, golf, spa, tracking, and jogging, the concierge is experienced and knows the resort right environment, if there are guests who want to hitch-hiking around while enjoying the beauty of nature around This resort. (Nyoman.S. Pendit. Tourism Sciences, Jakarta: Trisakti Tourism Academy, 1999)

Resort is an area that terrencana ydab not just to stay but also for rest and recreation. (Chuck Y. Gee, Resort Development and Management, Watson-Guptil Publication 1988)

A hotel resort area which should have no
relation to tourism, therefore, a resort hotel located on the hills, mountains, valleys, and also pulung small fringe of the beach. (Nyoman S. Pendit. Pariwata Sciences. Jakarta: Trisakti Tourism Academy, 1999)

The Resort Hotel
Hotel Resort is defined as a hotel that is located dikawasan tour, where some visitors who do not stay business activities. Generally located quite far from the city center as well as work place health.

From the definition above can be concluded that the total hotel resorts provide facilities for vacation, recreation and sports. Also generally can not be separated from activities of visitors who stay for a vacation and want changes from day-to-day activities.

The emergence of factors Resort Hotel
In accordance with the objectives of the existence of the Resort Hotel which is in addition to stay as well as recreational facilities. Therefore the occurrence of the hotel resort is caused by the following factors:
- The shortage of time to rest
- Human Needs Human akan recreation in general tend to be able to require recreational and relaxing the saturation caused by the activities they
- Health Symptoms stress can arise due to the work so tiring that can affect human health. To be able to restore the good health of the workers and their families need mental freshness and sport that can be packed in the cool and beautiful restaurants and accommodation together with lodging facilities as health
- The Potential of Enjoying Nature the potential existence of the beautiful nature and very difficult to get cool in the urban areas crowded and air pollution. Thus the desire to enjoy the urban community the potential problems to be natural, therefore, resort hotel offers a beautiful natural scenery and cool so that it can be enjoyed by visitors to the hotel or the user

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