various cities in the Netherlands behind Lawangsewu logo


Entering the pages in the building Lawangsewu, beautiful scenery of the solder glass wall in the second floor, will be directly enjoyed. In a dark alley in the old building owned by PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI), the solder glass facing the sunrise, the light with pendaran light that gives light to the feel of the room.

Building design building Lawangsewu, who founded the Dutch since hundreds of years ago, are eligible get the click of amazed anyone. Ruangannya regulation of compliance with environmental conditions, showing the maturity of planning. All detail and seems to be prepared with extreme care so that, a very good feel and fit.

Glass solder that were installed in the wall to the second floor of this building, for example, with the color-color bright and varied, sparkler visible when the morning comes, especially among at 07.00-08.00 WIB. Incoming sunlight, memendarkan light around the room, create atmosphere and appear brighter.

Design images that have no markets. The visible image is the most prominent two women (young girl) Netherlands, wear purple clothing and red-blue-purple face-to-face, but if it be genuine, there are 17 different forms of the logo and colors.

Daniel Otter, one of the custodian Lawangsewu, say, the pictures that the logo is a city in the Netherlands, such as Alphen Aan Den Rijn, Amsterdam, Leiden, Leidschendam, Rotterdam, Wageningen, and other.

''I tahunya while also bringing tourists from the Netherlands, he says the logo-the logo is the logo of town in their country. In each picture, have their own means. While the image of flowers and leaves in the surrounding areas, is the type of flowers and plants in the Netherlands,''he said.

Four large pieces of glass arranged in line 3 to the northeast, east, southeast, and this, also made from high quality materials. Although hundreds of years age, color images on glass are very good, does not even look faded or dull. However, some small glass in the lower, who have already lost.

Dutch heritage buildings in Semarang is quite a lot, especially in the old city area. However, of the many buildings that have only Lawangsewu the solder glass ornament with a logo-the logo of the city in the Netherlands. Perhaps, the image is meant to showcase the triumph of the Netherlands, as the people in power in Indonesia at that time.

Daniel conclusion is given based on the expression of pride tourist Dutch origin, came to the Lawangsewu. From''pemadu that accompany the tourists from the Netherlands, I was told that they were very happy with the existence of the logo-the logo. In fact, not a few people from the Netherlands show that the city of their logo,''said Daniel.

If Indonesia at this time is no longer under the authority of the Netherlands, they are still happy to have the logo symbol of the triumph of the logo-the Netherlands, which is still behind in Semarang. Moreover, most of the tourists who visit the Netherlands Lawangsewu, most have a family, whether father or grandfather who used to live in Semarang.

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