we will lag far with other countries


"I really agree with the opinion of the relative about e-learning, but we as human beings who live in this global era must feel the need to era. Because if we do not" participate in follow-up, "and we will lag far with other countries . Here, I intend not to win the e-learning, but I tried the things in wisdom as each have certain things and bad , and all of them need a process. "

"So please do not blame the current policy. If you know you can have a solution, such as what to improve" quality education "in indonesia is the first, kongkritnya such as what are the steps? Said only if I like the general and no concrete solutions. If you can please include how you about "quality of school education" with the current situation of teachers such as these, I apologize only want to know how you bid on the solution that you . "

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Re: "if we do not" participate in follow-up, "and we will lag far with other countries"

We strongly agree, but we "follow-follow-up" What first?

We are very lucky because:

* Information about the "good practice" for conducting quality education are many.

* Information about the technology in the field of education also have a lot.

Reforms in education are the most important thing is we can "make a plan to improve the quality of education together."

Indeed, we support the development of technology, but we must maintain that right useful technology applications, will improve the quality of education, and in accordance with the wishes broad environmental education, not like all the times of first keputasan from the center (a project).

"School quality is the key to improving the quality of education. Education and my background is electronic technology, technology education, teacher and education consultant, and I have been working on campus and in school for 30 years in the field of technology education. But during my experience in India and abroad I rarely see the promises that technology will improve the quality of education met, usually disappointing. Usually it is the successful companies and technology businesses that provide services.

Every day we receive dozens of letters and forms from the field; from teachers, students, principals, student-student, faculty, and sometimes from the president. This communication has been running for 9 years and that is required in the field needs to perform basic quality education in schools. For example:


Of school (all schools) so that the situation in the school is safe and comfortable. Now, many students and teachers in the school in danger, that many would come apart or collapse.

Basic facilities for teaching. Equipment and apparatus for teaching the science curriculum including science and technology is lacking. Every day there is a request for assistance, there is also often find that the curriculum (to me why, why not to the Ministry of National Education). Does the school need electricity? I never visit the schools in the South who do not have electricity and I know frustrasinya. They have a science kit from Pudak and they need to take water from wells and used candles for training optical tidaka because there is electricity. We must maintain equity of education for all nations. Now there are schools that include international standards. But most rural poverty is still the standard. Is this not a priority, to give all children access to quality education?

The welfare of teachers and lecturers so that they can simply focus on the task to them (teaching) and do not need to divide the time to search for food elsewhere. Ina is very important to start to improve the quality of education. Together with this, the system must increase monitoring and accountability of teachers. Appropriate role and teachers to implement quality education appropriate salary (November 2007) is around Rp.5.000.000, per month.

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