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Books, Love, Party, Teen tagline Suara Merdeka Cybernews this describes the target dibidik try the latest special channel for youth under the age of 21 this year. Rubric rubric-in intelektualitas target teenagers, but delivered in a manner that is far from menggurui. Fun and ejoyable.

Situated on the Aula Suara Merdeka Jl Pandanaran 30 (24 / 5), Chief Editor of Suara Merdeka CyberNews A Aulia Muhammad along with dozens of students redaksinya invite junior and senior high school in Semarang and surrounding areas in order to launch channel in the Youth Voice website

In the canal, the teenagers are free to reveal the thoughts, ideas, and anything they want, along with the appropriate rubrikasi and the paper itself. Youth Voice in the rubric include letters, diary, sekolahmu, novels, fashion, poetry, music, mejeng, and nongkrong is ready mewadahi all unek-unek adolescents. "We even provide the rubric 'sell themselves' for those who narsis, namely mejeng," said Aulia.

Bridge Creativity

In writing, the Suara Merdeka CyberNews does not require teenagers to use the English standard. Use 'lo-I' was, Aulia said, why not as long as consistent from beginning to end. However, as maraknya use of SMS with the words abbreviated, Aulia reminded that this was not done. "Can bacanya dizzy," he said.

He is optimistic that CyberNews Suara Merdeka perdetiknya read 1,000 people both in and outside the country is able to bridge the creativity as well as expand their networking.

"Cornwall Youth Voters, we provide the readers for teenagers. You can find ads for the channel and get the fee." The remaining money, connect Aulia, will be collected and used for events such as the outbound, education seminars, and other positive activities.

Some participants that the proposed canal is also a more serious article, and 'heavy', general knowledge and education, coverage of community, and youth organizations both in and outside school, video, animation, and scholarships for students can not afford it, greeted the range by redaction.

According to Aulia, channel is different from the canal teenagers who may never have. In the rubric sekolahmu for example, not a school profile that is displayed but it's a unique school. Activities can also appear as a school of art, or other event. In the rubric mode, not simply a fashion show coverage given space, but allows jugapula when teenagers want to criticize mode around them. The writings of these will be more interesting if the attached image.

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