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Year 1883, to commemorate his death three years, held exhibitions paintings in Amsterdam, among them the title Terbakar Forest, Hunting Buffalo in Java, and arrest Prince Diponegoro. Paintings, among others, is sent by King Willem III and Prince Saksen Van Coburg-Gotha.
Indeed, many rich people and officials Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany during which the painter appears unique in the world with noble Javanese traditional dress complete with blangkon. Among them are noble Saksen Coburg-Gotha, the family of Queen Victoria, and a number of governor-general, such as van den Bosch, Baud, and Daendels.
Some also menganugerahinya a testimonial, which he always sematkan in the chest. Of them, stars Ridder van de Orde der Eikenkoon (Rek), Commandeur de queen met der Frans Joseph Order (CFJ), Ridder Kroonorde van der Pruisen (RKP), Ridder van de Witte Valk (RWV), etc..
While the award from the Indonesian government in 1969 awarded through the Department of Education and Culture, in the form of posthumous Charter as Perintis Anugerah Seni Lukis Art in Indonesia. Attention is another form, re-development in Bogor makamnya made by Ir. Silaban President Soekarno on command, a number of paintings used to illustrate the state valuable objects, such as year-end 1967, issued a stamp series PTT Raden Saleh two paintings with the image reproduction of prey animals that are fighting.
Thanks to the Raden Saleh, Indonesian berbangga can see the works of children of the nation through museums such as akbar Rijkmuseum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and exhibited at the prestigious Louvre museum, Paris, France.
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